indoor plants

The best unpretentious indoor plants

Taking care for a indoor plants at home is not the same as taking care for a piece of the furniture, the kitchen utensils or the carpeting. Plants are e distinctive part of a home décor. They sufficiently could bring meaningful aura to the dwelling, because of their natural features. A plant also can make your home more vivid and lively.

But some of the plants are a lot harder to be taken care of. That’s why here we would like to talk about the unpretentious home plants, which are quite easy to taking care of and do not need much light.

Parlor palm

Probably everyone has seen one somewhere as an indoor plants. But this is actually a quite easy to take care plant, which happens to be a great decision for home planting. It’s been here for a while, parlor palm is a Mexican plant, which grows 4 feet tall and is quite noticeable when someone enters a room.

How we take care of it? – Pretty easy. It only has to be watered when the soil gets dry. That’s all. Easy as it could be.


Sounds like a monster, but it is not. These indoor plants will do a great job out of your apartment or house, especially if you are aimed at more exotic style of the interior. Putted in your living room it will establish a great green atmosphere, just like a hint for the summer. It has attractive and quite big leaves, which at some pint will start to get bigger. This plant actually has the ability to stretch and climb a trellis if there is such.

Speaking of this – if you want your plant to be more compact, you should simply prune back the vining branches of the plant. This plant needs watering when the soil gets dry and why not a bit of a fertilizing once a month, when it is spring or summer.

Cast iron plant

When we talk about unpretentious house plants, this one is a hardcore one. Massive leaves, pleasant dark greenish color and simplicity – these are some of the main pros of this plant. Cast iron plant is OK with living in darker rooms. Water it occasionally, when the soil gets dry. It grows up to 2 – 3 feet tall.

Corn plant

A beautiful plant that could “survive” your home atmosphere with no effort at all. Its leaves make a great resemblance to those of the real corn plant, so that’s where the name comes from. These indoor plants could reach the height of 3 to 6 feet. You can water them whenever you feel the soil dry. Use your finger to find out. A great choice for the indoor plants ideas.

Peace Lily

Just like its beautiful and sweet name, this representative of the indoor plants has got the soul and the looks of an angel. The peace Lily is elegant plant with pure white flower spaths on the top of the stems. Its shiny green color will decorate the atmosphere at any home with a distinctive and pleasant look. This type of Lily grows up to 18-36 inches and is a great unpretentious plant for the home. The only obligation for it is to water it regularly, because water is essential for it.

English Ivy

A bit different from the plant we mentioned until now, the English Ivy is perfect for smaller spaces, and smaller hanging baskets. It could be arranged with the home interior in a way that it will put some natural emphasis on the dwelling. The best thing for it is that it could grow great on cool places and north-faced windows as well. Except watering English plant should be mist regularly, because of possibility of pests like spider mites.