entryway ideas

The 7 basic things every entryway décor should have

A home is a home where are several conditions to it. But before we reach the position to generate emotions by the home décor and exposition, there is another simple thing which we surely often forget. It is the entryway decor.

By using the word décor we do really meant décor that can be actually useful for a particular purpose. Not something that is just pointed in the entry way of your home. No. The useful décor should be hundred percent practical in the means of its creation.

The basic stuff

The wall hangers and racks

No matter what you do, there always comes a time when we have to deal with jackets and winter coats. They protect our body through the chilling days, so on the other hand we need to take care of them properly. Hanging is essential to some of the clothes in the closed. A good old coat rack is the must- have for your entryway. Not only because it is a classic. But because it is useful and trendy, and practical.

This way there will be plenty of space for yours and all your guests’ coats and parkas when they come to visit. The easiest and saving-space ways are to mold the rack on to the wall. This could be a useful spot not only for winter jackets but also for some hats and scarves.

The flooring

The best thing for the entryway flooring is probably the type that can be cleaned easily. The reason is that the entryway is probably the number one spot in every home, where there is a lot of traffic. That is why it is often dusty or muddy, if we talk about the wet seasons. But if you are a fan of the rugs or entryway carpets you should consider a very cheap one, or one that is easy to clean.

But the most important thing is probably for it to be water resistant. Not only for water, but also for mud and other dirt that could be dragged from the outside world into the premise. In the same time the rug will provide non-slippery surface, which will be quite useful in the wet seasons.

Lights on!

We shouldn’t forget about the lights. They are an essential part of it all. They make the entryway more spacious, visible and welcoming, if they are chosen well. F it happens that you have got a natural light source, it will be better. But if you don’t consider providing yourself with good energy-saving light bulbs. An overhead light is the best decision for the entryway décor. You can play with the design as well, but connecting it with the other stuff in the entryway.


It is rather essential especially for the entryways which are big enough to afford its presence. Setting a sitting point is an important thing to do for the entryway décor and usage. It could be a simple stool, where you could leave your bag when in a hurry. It could be a bigger bench, which will serve you when you wish to put on your shoes. Bench could be a place for storage everyday stuff. Things you need on a regular basis.

No matter that this is a spot where you don’t spend a lot of time, it should look and be as comfortable as it could get.


Yep, the one that we cannot live without. In a modern world mirror is probably used more times per day than the TV set. Think of putting your own (if you still haven’t done yet) where it will be appropriate and useful. Morning make-up, putting the hair in order – these at least two of the main important things that we need the mirror for. Mirror in the entryway décor will be able to create some fictional space as well.

You can play with the choice of the frame and lead the whole thing to a finish.

Natural hand

Since the entryway is a space where you often pass through, but rarely stay for a long time as in other rooms, it is important for it to be as cool arranged as the rest of the dwelling. Think about putting some plants in there. They will revive the atmosphere and will collect the attention of your guests. Some bloomed plants and flowers will deal with the task of refreshing the entryway in a good natural manner.

The additional pros

The best thing about making your own design of the entryway is that you could put whatever you want in there. But remember, the entryway décor is not only a décor, but an useful space. It should be practical and adding any additional decorations should be done very carefully. Think of posters or paintings. Think of a pillow for the bench.