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Living in the Attic – 7 Tips to Optimize Space

The potential of attic space is often underestimated or used simply for putting away things you don’t want in your house, but also don’t want to throw away. The space below the roof could actually be transformed in a cozy and quiet room for studying, reading or dedicating your time to a dear hobby.

In houses with big families, the loft can be used as a room by a sibling that wants more personal space, or turned into a bedroom for guests.

How to Make the Most of the Attic Space

In order to turn the attic into a comfortable room that is pleasant to be in, you have to treat the space differently than if it was just a storage area.

Since the space is small, you have to think creatively on how to use the space efficiently, so that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic for the person living there, but rather intimate and cosy.

Here are 7 tips on how to utilize the available attic space effectively.

1. Use Vertical Space

When horizontal space is scarce, vertical space can be utilized to its maximum potential. Use wall-hung features such as shelves and cupboards for storage.

Wall mounted cloth hangers are a great option for keeping your outdoor clothing or towels for everyday use.

2. Bed Placement

Placing your furniture in a compact manner could make the space more functional, while the opposite would make it look small and clogged. Since your bed is the largest piece of furniture, it needs to be placed where it won’t take up much of the free space.

A good spot is usually in the corner right under the slanted ceiling. Some people recommend placing it in the middle of the room with free space for walking around it, which is a good advice for slightly larger lofts.

3. Multifunctional Bed

Since the bed takes up so much space, it’s good to find a way to use that space for storage too. Buy a bed with in-built drawers in the frame, or one that you can lift the mattress and store luggage, clothes or other items below.

Beds that can be folded into a sofa or a couch are an optimal solution for tiny spaces.

4. Under-eave spaces

Under-eaves spaces can be used for storage by adding drawers or enclosing them with small doors. The more accessible the storage place is, the better, so drawers would be the more convenient option.

5. In-wall Storage

Of course if it’s possible to create wall recesses, you shouldn’t miss upon that option, since it allows you to store items without taking up any of the available space of the loft room.

6. Window seats

Adding a window seat provides an additional layer of comfort, but also additional storage space under the seat. You can enclose it or put a cupboard below to make the room look neater.

7. Lighting

Overhead pendants would look great in large rooms with high ceilings, but for the attic it’s better to use wall lights spots. They take less space visually and provide softer lighting that might be more convenient for small spaces to create the illusion of depth.


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