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How to Protect Your Attic From Vermin

Don’t get shocked if you find that there are vermin in your attic. Of course, that’s not the best experience for someone that takes good care of his home. But there is also good news. There is a way to protect your attic from vermin and don’t go through this unpleasant experience.

Even if you forget that there is an attic in your house, vermin don’t. This is the perfect place for them to hide and nest there because it’s wet and warm and no one bothers them. Rodents and birds are the biggest carriers of vermin.

Let’s have a look at a few ways how to protect your attic from vermin and don’t let the bacteria they carry reach other places in your home.

1. Keep your attic clean

Usually, attics are used for storage and we forget to clean them often. That creates good conditions for vermin to occupate the place. If you clean the place well and organize things in a smart way is very possible for vermin to not consider your attic as a good place to live. Vermin love old books, wooden furniture, and carpets. If you put this stuff in plastic bags or boxes pets and vermin wouldn’t reach them.

2. Keep the attic dry

The wet environment is more beneficial for the breeding of parasites. That’s why you should keep the attic dry.  An easy way to keep it dry is by investing in an installation that prevents the place from humidity and moisture. Don’t forget to get a regular roof inspection that will show you if there is a new guest living there.

3. Get rid of the carpets in the attic

As we mention carpets are one of the favorite things for vermin. It’s a hard job to take care of an old carpet. The material is vulnerable to dirt and mold. If you don’t want to get rid of the favorite carpet of your grandmother, at least take care of it.

4. Close all the entry points to the attic

Sealing your attic vents is the single most effective way to prevent rodent damage. Check the attic for holes and entrances that can help rats and birds to get in. Make sure that the ventilation is also well prevented. This is vital to preventing mold, mildew, and other pests from overrunning your home.

5. Trim tree branches that are close to the attic

Rats and birds love to stay in the trees and enjoy their life. But they also love to explore and if there are tree branches close to your attic, the next place they will explore is it. That’s why get rid of tall trees and branches that can be the path to your home for many vermin.

We hope this article will help you to understand how important is to protect your attic from vermin. That’s not a task that you should underestimate. Rats and birds can bring to your home many vermin. Don’t give them opportunities and follow our tips that will help you to protect your home.

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