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Extend your home

With this one we go a bit deeper and massive with the ideas. Space is a distinctive and most important value with which we have to deal with when considering the practical and beautiful planning of a home. Since we live in a material world, we want and claim more stuff. So we will need more space to store and use them. A simple drawer, shelf can solve the problem in some occasions, but when speaking about massive planning, concerning some extra room space, additional kitchen or sets of furniture it’s time to go pro and ask the professionals about the possibilities of making a house extension.
This is a scenario to the ones, who live in a house and have the ability and a little more extra space to build their own house extension.
So if the occasion is such, this one is definitely for you.

Basically extensions are made of additional materials, connected with the main structure of a building through special bonds and constructions. They are proof in any means and serve as perfect addition to your enlarging home if that is what you need.

One of the basic and recently more frequently used method is the case with the cargo containers. They are big, they allow to be modified in the design you want and need, and they are quite easy to be connected with other buildings. Let’s not forget the fact that they can be rather cheap, than building an extra small dwelling from the ground to the top.

What is good about all that? – Internal walls and doorways can be added or removed. This way you achieve the space you require and integrate any new extension. Consider the position of the entrance and central hallway which should lead efficiently to all main rooms – and the relationship between key spaces such as the proximity of the dining area to the kitchen. Or whatever you need to connect with this structure.

And since it’s not quite an easy-peasy job we recommend you to have a talk with a professionals.
If you are looking to achieve maximum effect with your extension, consider building over two storeys rather than just one, as the average cost per square metre (m²) is reduced by stretching the more expensive elements of roof and foundations over a larger area. You could also build an extra storey over the top of an existing single storey structure, such as a garage. But this one is only if you need really bigger space. If not, keep with the basic idea of a minimalistic approach and addition to your dwelling.

An important point- When extending your home, choose either a contrasting but complementary style. Make the extension look like it has bben a part of the house since the beginning. If you decide to create a seamless extension which has nothing to do with the outlook of the recent home you inhabit, make sure you copy the key design elements, roof pitch,materials and details like the brick bond and colours. Otherwise it will probably not look pretty good.

The kinds of design and approach are numerous, of course. It all depends on what you are aiming at. Sun house, guesthouse, summer kitchen or an addition to the living room. Think creatively and minimalistic about space as well, because it’s only an extension, not a nineteenth century mansion.

See it as an outdoor room area. A covered outdoor living area provides somewhere to sit or eat outside during the warmer months, but is protected from either too much sunlight or light summer rainfall. This may take a traditional form such as a loggia or verandah. It can be a more contemporary space, set beneath a projecting flat roof supported by slender steel posts.

Think green! With increasing emphasis on energy efficiency recently, many are excluding open chimney flues and air vents in their architectural plans of the dwellings. Yet there are two energy-efficient options that still give the feature and comfort of real flames.

Try the flueless gas fires. They are 100% energy efficient and require no chimney or flue: through a special way a catalytic converter cleans all harmful combustion gases, producing just water and CO2. You can play with the designs here including traditional fireplaces and stoves, and contemporary hole-in-the-wall models.

The second choice is a room-sealed wood burning stove, connected to an internal air source. That is how it prevents draughts. They are highly energy efficient and there is variety of designs.

Lighting is quite important when dealing with house extensions. You will need a lighting scheme that will give your new space great atmosphere for different acitivities. Independent control of each circuit using dimmer switches or smart switches with preset options is a good idea.

As well as ambient lighting to provide basic background light for everyday activities, include some accent lighting in the corners you will need it mostly. Add decorative lamps if you wish so. For example, above the kitchen island or dining table.

Most of all we recommend the usage of natural materials, which will create a pleasant atmosphere incomparable with nothing else you have imagined. Combinations between wood, glass and textile in the interior will create the coziness you look for.




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