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Safe toys for your kids

A home is a special place where we find comfort, space for leisure, work, growth and pleasure. The most important thing is to arrange our dwelling in a way, which is proper for our needs, way of life and beliefs. Everything needs to be cozy, useful I practical. When the times comes and you have kids on your own it is kind of a hard task to improve all thing in the house or flat so they could be safe and sound for the little ones and in the same time still be your dream home, which you once wanted.

So let’s imagine that you have arranged the dwelling in a good way. But the day comes when the toddlers are big enough to want to play with some toys.

Here are the best ideas for safe toys for the little ones, which will be in the same time interesting for them, safe and twice the fun.

The hard facts are that there are plenty amounts of children, under the age of fifteen who have visited the emergency departments because of toy-related injuries and incidents. Most of them are children under the age of five.

Think first
– When considering the purchase of toys for them be aware of the items you buy. What do we mean: Read instructions on the toy’s merchandise and warning labels. They have all the important information. That includes if they are appropriate for your child’s age, which will help you understand if the items are right ones and safe for the kid.
– Small parts and their existence is the most important. If there are any you should think again if the toy is the right one for you. So make sure if there aren’t any, which increase the potential of choking hazards.
– Make sure you keep a special eye on small game pieces. Cause they could be tricky ones and may be a choking hazard for young children. While these kinds of games are great for older kids, they can pose a potential danger for younger, curious siblings.
– After the funny play time is over, use a bin or container to store toys for next time, so your kid will not be able the fetch them for himself and play with no parental control. Make sure there are no holes or hinges that could catch little fingers.

The hardest thing is the choice of the toy. You kid will be hasty and probably will want to have the most interesting-looking and colorful toy in the store. Nevertheless it is your decision to make. Even though children have different abilities and preferences, there are some classic toys that most groups of young children enjoy at different ages. And this is absolutely normal. There are some more tips and ideas may help you get started choosing toys for different age groups. It is just a starting point with the tips, and does not mean, that you should not be aware when choosing the right toy.

For the youngest guys and girls
Squeaky toys, making interesting sounds are the best for them. They include their intention and imagination while the kids are really young. The list with appropriate toys for these guys is quite detailed. They will dig very much a teether, discovery play mats, musical and chime toys, books with little pictures, non-breakable mirrors, washable dolls, animals, which could be used even in the baby bathtub, embroidered features.

For the bit bigger babies there are plenty of strings of big beads, “cause-and-effect”- toys such as pop-n-pals, pounding and stacking toys, floating water toys, toys to push and pull (no strings), nesting boxes or cups, stacking toys and rings, cloth or board books with rhymes and bright pictures, simple toys to pretend, such as cooking tools, blocks – foam, plastic, cloth, or cardboard, ride-on or walk-behind toys and many many more.

The bigger- the more interesting
As bigger the kids become, the more sophisticated and interesting the toys are as well. When the little fellas become 2-3 years old, you should consider toys like balls with different sizes, blocks, child-size play furniture, simple dolls, stuffed animals, simple puzzles, clay and modelling dough, simple musical instruments (sorry for the noise, but do get used to it), sand and water toys and so on and so forth.

For the kids between three and six years, the most important toys become not only funny, but even more educational as well. Toys for bathing and dress-up dolls, playhouses, housekeeping toys, puppets, art materials, sketch pads are just a glimpse of the variety which you have to deal with when your kid is already a toddler.

DIY toys, safe toys, home improvementHandmade toys
Yes, the department store is absolutely full with different kinds of dolls, action figures, battleships, trucks and etc. But you could consider making your own toys for the kids. It is also a process, in which even they could be involved, This will have an educational effect not only on them but also you will be able to work on your bonding as parents and children.

The alphabet
Make a no-sew alphabet chart to help the little ones learn some of the letters. You could use different soft materials like felt, wool or any kind of soft cloth. You could also build the famous doll house out of an old cardboard box, which will be absolutely safe for the little ones and can be arrange by their help as well.

By using old pieces of woo you could go to the local carpenter and ask him to form some small wooden blocks. Then you could color them with the help of the little ones, after which they are ready for building their own blocks.

Dolls from socks are great as well. If you are not that handy with the needle and the string, ask someone who is fond of this activity. Different designs and models are flooding the Internet, so there won’t be any trouble for you to choose a decent one.

Kids love role playing. They often like to get in the shoes of their favorite cartoon heroes, so they will just love a super-hero costume.

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