garden shed

Store well in the garden shed

Having a garden is a great opportunity to give yourself and your family both the advantages to leisure in style and in the same time taking care of things that grow. In order to take care of the garden though you must be prepared with the right tools for each job. If you happen to be prepared with this one, then probably you should have an idea where to store all this stuff. The garden shed is the perfect place.

It’s a must – have construction built only for garden items, seeds, shovels, electrical cutters and so on and so forth. And since you have lots of things to store, there are some great ideas for storing in the garden shed.

If the space is small

Invest in storing boxes and shelves for garden shed. Most of the things in the shed must be stored tightly and properly. So all of the constructions should be strong. Go with adjustable shelves, so you could manage remove; them or readjust them if necessary.

Magnetize the space

Use magnetic boards for some of the smaller items for the garden. Yes, just as those for the kitchen area. These magnetic boards are probably the best thing you could use to keep your small tools organized, safe and in the same time just before your eyes.

When choosing the magnetic bar or board, think of the one that could handle the weight of your tools.

A workplace in the garden shed

Add a table, small bench or a desk, where you could fix things. A vise press is always a good choise for a garden shed. And that is why you will need some support for it – the desk. It should be massive and strong enough to deal with the vise jobs that you will have to handle. The table or desk would be a proper choice even though you think you do not need them.

If still it happens that way, remember that they are also a storage space that you could definitely use.


Provide yourself with a basket or a small bag, where you put the thing you use the most. A simple wicker basket would be a perfect choice if you have lots of things to do in the garden. In there, you could store the working gloves, the shears, trowels, and all the things for the garden gear.

Look for additional space

There is always a possibility that the space in your garden shed will not be enough for you. If so look for additional spots to hang, store or just put in all your tools. A simple cradle hanging from the wall could provide room for additional tools and devices, keeping them from the ground.

Shelves are another appropriate idea for smart storing in the garden shed.


If you happen to do more work in the garden and plant different kinds of veggies and fruit, you probably know that every part of the flora should be planted in different time of the year. So, go on and make yourself a schedule and a planting calendar. This way you will not forget which plant you should carry for in May and which in June.

Roll the wheels

Give it a break from time to time. You know – you could make it easier on yourself by not moving every piece of hardware by hand. Use a wheelbarrow for the plants, the tools and the compost, which sometimes tend to be heavy.