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How to Care for the Wooden Furniture in Your Garden

Wooden furniture in your garden can elevate immensely the enjoyment you get by spending time in your garden.

Whether you are dining with your family on your cosy wooden porch, spending the afternoon with a book on your garden swing, this type of furniture greatly contributes to an atmosphere of harmony.

Once you’ve equipped yourself with the complete set of wooden items, sooner or later the question of how to maintain them would arise.

The best ways to maintain outdoor wooden furniture

Wood is a natural material that is sensitive to atmospheric conditions. It is prone to rotting even from little moisture and could attract termites and other unwanted biting things.

In order to enjoy an unbothered leisure time spent in the garden you should go above and beyond in making sure your furniture is protected and well cared for.

With these DIY tips for the safety of your garden furniture you can make sure they always looks as brand new.

Pick the Right Wood

Before even falling in love with a certain garden swing and discovering that it won’t stand long against atmospheric conditions, consider what weather resistant woods to look for.

Some types of white oak, cedar, cypress and other types of soft or hardwood are durable enough to be the right materials for outdoor furniture.


Missing upon the protective layer of waterproof varnish would lead to damage in no time.

The varnish prevents moisture from going into the wood’s threads and swelling up your furniture. Moreover, that’s the best way to prevent rotting.

There are a few popular methods like sealing it with lacquer or polyurethane, and applying different types of oils before that. You should choose a method that is most suitable for the type of wood of each piece of garden furniture.

Oiling and waxing

Treating your furniture with natural oils once in a while can do a magic in restoring their original gleaming look. Waxing is also a way to give the wood an additional protective layer.

Before both waxing and oiling make sure the furniture is completely clean and dry and that the layers are evenly applied.


To keep the fresh look of your wooden items you can apply a regular light cleaning with a damp cloth slightly moistened with water or a gentle soap solution. You can also use a soft brush to scrub away stains, but always make sure to scrub in the direction of the grain.

Never use a pressure washer on wood. There are some home methods for cleaning stubborn stains like using baking soda or vinegar mixed with water.

To clean off acquired moss, mildew or algae if your furniture has been untended for too long, use a brush to lightly scrape them off.

Protective Covers

You can never be too safe, and that goes for your outdoor pieces maintenance.

If you wish to be completely certain about their safety you can use special waterproof covers during the night to keep them from rain and morning dew.

The covers should be from a breathable material and you should make sure to leave a whole for air circulation, otherwise you might discover unwanted algae of mould in the morning.

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