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Wine storing hints

Having a bottle of wine around the house is like having an extra bottle of oxygen when scuba diving. Just kidding, it’s not that important (or is it?!). But since you’ve got some friends who like to unexpectedly come over for a fast dring or just like to hang around with you, a bottle (or more) of wine is not a bad idea. Not at all. But since there will be some kind of storing of the bottle of wine, there is the need for a proper treating of this drink of drinks.

The most important think is to keep it cool. Hot wine is bad. But very cold wine is even worst. So you should think of a boundary between these too harsh conditions and keep your wine in this area of temperature. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F.

Too cool is also not very good, as we already said. Keeping the wine in a fridge is a good idea. But it’s better for it and for you to remove it from there. Especially if it has been in the refrigerator for a long period of time. The problem is that dry air in the dridge eventually dries out the corcks. And that can allow air to come into the bottle. This way the wine itself can be damaged and lose its tastes. It’s also very important you do not the wine freeze somewhere.

Wine does not like light very much. Yes, you should definately put your bottles of favorite wine somewhere shady. The reason is that the sun’s UV rays could penetrate and damage the wine especially if the bottle is not colored.

We thought abou telling you that humidity can damage wine as well. But in order to prevent this happenning you should be very careful and store the wine in spaces with conrete humidity level of about 70 percent. The reason is that extremely dryg conditions can dry out the cork and eventually air could get into the bottle.Extremely moist conditions could also harn your beloved wine. The reason is that when being in too moist surroundings mold could appear.

We will be really short with this one here. One thing – keep your wine bottles stored horizontaly. This will prevent corcks from drying and is a efficient way to store and safe space.

When being on a boat in the ocean, you oughta not shake it. The same is with wine. Do not shake the bottles. The theory is that some hard vibrations can damage the wine, speeding its chemical reactions in the bottle.

So the best ways of storing your wine bottles is probably not too damp basement. Probably with less light coming in directly at them and positioned horizontaly on a safe and good-structured place.

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