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Which kind of humidifier is best for a kid’s room

When a child is suffering from dryness of the lips, mouth, lungs or any other part of the respiratory tract, chances are it’s a seasonal problem and it most often occurs during winter.

This happens due to the air conditioning system drawing moisture from the air through its heating element, in the case of a central heating system this moisture is deposited into a container.

In order to deal with this, many parents opt for a singular unit from the type of humidifier called an evaporator which heats water in a water tank then evaporates it into the air.

Though you should be warned, the most common problem with them is the heating element and it causing burns with little children – the curious and rambunctious nature will be a problem here.

What are some things to consider when choosing humidifier

It’s good to consider the location of the humidifier and the needs of the household – if the humidifier is required in only one room, then one of the best solutions is a single unit system.

If, however, the entire household requires such an addition, a central unit combined with your air conditioning system might be a better solution, though it is the most expensive one.

There are some important things to consider like the age of your child, where more humidity is needed and whether or not you are able to maintain a clean water container.

Humidifiers are a good solution to dryness, however, if the water container which holds the water which is introduced is not cleaned it will get bacteria into the air and that will result in possible asthma.

The cheapest solution

The most affordable solution is a mist machine which heats up the water and releases a fine mist, there are good controls for the moisture levels, however, it has a heating element which can cause burns on children.

Having it in a kids’s room might not be a good solution in case they are too young and do not quite understand that the heating element is dangerous, although putting a humidifier is part of making the kid’s room a functional one.

Central system

A central system is more convenient with a smart control that can detect the moisture level of the house, you can set it to a certain level and if it goes above it, the computer will turn it off.

The biggest problem here is that this is a very expensive solution and it’s integration might take time – so consider a more mobile option in case you don’t want to spend so much money on it.

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