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What your kitchen tells about you

You know those articles that can tell you what type of a person you are based on some superficial or everyday aspect of your life. This is one of those articles and the goal of its contents is to provide 4 distinguishing profiles of homeowners based on the layout and state of their kitchen.

How much can you tell about a person by their kitchen

While these types of articles can seem superfluous and at times ridiculous, there is some merit into exploring the different types of kitchens and the types of people who own them. After all, a kitchen can be a tell-tale sign of the people who use and own it, granted, if they are not tenants, but the property owners.

Owns a smart fridge

Smart fridges stepped out of the fringe in 2016, when Samsung introduced their new smart fridge which could tell you how much food you have in your fridge and when it expires. Since then, quite a lot of brands and companies have come out with newer and improved smart fridges and you can tell a person likes brand new-shiny electronics when they have a smart fridge.

Since they are quite expensive, you can also tell that a person can afford it, which could hint towards reckless spending in order to be with the trends, or it could hint to them being well-off enough not to care.

Bought a butcher’s block

If you don’t what a butcher’s block is, it’s a end-grained piece of wood, mostly maple or oak, glued together into an interesting pattern. These are most commonly way to thick, heavy and wide to be that useful, unless you really a butcher and you need the durability.

Chances are you bought it because it provides you a home-y feel and you really liked how it looked. The fact of the matter is, is that you made a good interior design choice, but most of the time, these types of cutting boards are way too big and heavy to be that practical, especially in a small kitchen.

Doesn’t use the kitchen island

If you have a kitchen island, but you are not using it, you are either putting off removing it, or you are most likely undecided whether you want to use it or not. Chances are you also don’t cook that much, or if you do, the available counter space is more than enough and you are doing just fine with it.

Removing it seems like a lot of work and you don’t really want to spend the money so you just keep it there, even though it’s in the way and you’d appreciate the extra floor space.

Has a granite countertop

Granite is a classic choice and if you have it you probably think it’s stylish enough for your home. It’s quite expensive and quite durable, but you probably chose it for its looks and status, not everyone has, and the ones who do can afford it.

You appreciate the aesthetically pleasing and are not afraid to pay for it, chances are you also have other beautiful things in your kitchen and the furniture is well chosen.

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