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What type of room should you refurbish your attic into

A home can be defined by space which brings you comfort and safety, a place which you can create and nurture a family in, it has all that you need and gives you place to grow.

And it is with the growth of your family that your home should change as well – in the cases where a house has an attic it can easily be transformed into a living space for someone or a different type of room altogether.

Considering what your needs are and will be

An important factor in deciding whether to turn your attic into a loft or a study is the needs you and your family have, maybe you need the extra room because your family just got bigger or you just realized that you have no use of a storage space that the attic is..

Children need their space and turning a study on the main floor into a child’s new room is a very good way of creating some more living space – nurseries need to be closer to the parents either way.

Or maybe you often host people and want to have an extra bedroom but the footprint of the house won’t allow an extension and so you are forced to think vertically.

So considering your current or future needs is the key way of deciding what to do with the additional space available between your ceiling and the room studs.

The type of house you have

Now depending on the construction of the home, timer framed or masonry, you will have differing sizes of attics, some are big and some are small.

Another type of thing to consider is the access to it, some places have built-in ladders or staircase which means they are perfect for an additional living area, but there are small homes with an access panel in a closet.

So if this does not suit your needs you might need to consider installing extra access to the attic, like a fall step-down ladder which will make it easier to get up into the space above.

This type of refurbishing is only available to houses that have the appropriate access, otherwise you’ll be forcing your guest to climb up and down vertical stairs just to go to the bathroom.

Consider a study

If you have the room, creating a study up away from all the noise seems like a likely decision a family with a need for a study would make.

That means that you will not have to deal with the pitter patter of little feet when you need some quiet time – though this project might be a bit more expensive than the others.

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