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What to go for – minimalism or comfort in the bathroom

The minimalistic and comfort look are very valid approaches to bathroom design and furnishing – as the two ends of a spectrum we will be discussing whether it’s worth to go either way or it’s best to stay in the middle.

There has been a discussion for some time whether it’s a viable choice to go for a minimalist look – after all you are getting rid of items and furniture you don’t need.

At the same time, if overdone, it can look quite empty – for some people that’s fine, but for other it just looks cold.

So you are looking for something interesting you might want to try a more moderate approach from both – this means to take the simplicity from the minimalist look, but to keep some of the comforts of the comfort look.

Walking the thin line between the two design choices

If you want to take the middle road, you are choosing wisely, however, it’s hard to keep a hold of the reigns, when you have so many choices of vanities. Whenever you are looking for a sink or a toilet, make sure that it will match with the colors of the tile or wallpapers – both the geometry and colors.

Start simple and then build up, but make sure to keep your signs focused on the function of the bathroom – two lower cabinets with enough room for toiletries, then some room between bath and toilet and you are solid.

If you need shelve space, you can go for the classic bathroom mirror/cabinet combination, or you can go for a more refined floating shelve with adjustable straps.

There are some very good budget furniture add-ons which you can use to maintain space but also functionality.

If you need a towel rack or a bit more room for personal items, use simplistic shelves from clear glass which do allow light to go through – this will provide some much needed visual room for your eyesight.

The simplistic look

What the minimalistic look has going for it is the free space and freshness that some people find, you get exactly what you need and nothing more – there some great design choices involved here.

The main idea behind it is to remove the cluttering and all of the unnecessary things, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

Minimalistic does not mean empty or barren, it means free, free to look and free to enjoy, without having too much in the way of your sight.

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