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What to do with space at home?

Smart spaces

Ever wondered what the heck are you supposed to do with an empty space at home? Cause there were times we had this pondering. The idea of having a lot of space at home was the once-upon-a-time concept which every owner of a house or an apartment had in front of him. There’s a variety of long-term choices about that. On one hand there’s the place with a lots of space. And on the other hand there are the dwellings with lack of free space. And no matter that you probably think that big houses are much easier to be furnished, there are situations in which one can experience quite difficulties in order to arrange properly a home with high measures. Cause space is not free, we cannot spare it and we shouldn’t leave it without a character.

So … what do we mean? Big spaces also can create big time efforts to be fill in a well-looking manner. On the other hand we have got the smaller and even tiny dwelling which we think cannot absorb even half of our things. And you are probably right if one does not stop and have a little planning and thinking before furnishing. Before the panic has taken him over.

So the main idea in this story is to think about how to use small spaces properly and to turn them into good-looking and useful everyday surroundings. Just try to think …vertical. And by vertical we mean think about your walls, think about your ceilings. They have plenty of space, which we don’t think of a useful area. But still- it actually is!

For example- let’s start with the puspose of shelves. Remember those? Yes? Yeah, they are still somewhere around here and can manage to do and store plenty of stuff. And they manage to do it pretty well. Books, toys, board games, kitchen stuff, spices or framed photos- whatever you can think of. All this can find it’s place on that good old shelf on the wall. There are also shelves hanging from the ceiling- the ultimate space saviours.

Build-in drawers- it’s like hiding your stuff in the walls. It’s comfortable, it doesn’t take plenty of space from the rest of the dwelling and it’s rather neat than every other similar decision.

And since we know, some of those ideas for improvement need quite a bit remodelling of the home, some efforts and some extra money, we suggest you manage to think about those build-in drawers even before you start to decorate and furnish the place. Just in case.

Think about something which is a really good example of creating visual spaces- the paint of course. Think about bright colors, “open” ranges of every nuances. They will create the visual perception of space and possibilities to use it propoerly. And this actually wins you few points in the task.

So, many of these methods of creating useful space need a little bit of pre-thinking process from yourself. And since you’ve got all the time in the world, we suggest you do not hurry, take your time and use it properly. Ponder it over, think it out over a cup of tea or something. That’s when ideas will come along. And there will be enough place. For everything.

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