What lighting should you put in your attic

What sort of lighting is suitable for an attic space

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The attic is the unsung hero of the house – it is the space that stores every item that you don’t need at the moment and gives you enough space down bellow to enjoy a clutter free home.

Aside from storage space, for those of you who are lucky enough to have enough room between the ceiling and the roof, this space is also can be converted into a spare room or a study – depending on the construction.

But if the space is not inhabited and only used as storage space, there is quite a lot of insulation, and depending on the type used, it can be quite flammable, though most of the cases it’s fiberglass.

The fact that you go now and again and don’t use the space regularly means that you don’t really need to invest that much into it, though there are some flexible and inexpensive options.

Consider LED lighting for your attic

Most of the standard light bulbs don’t really last that long, and it can get messy if you are getting up to the attic with a heavy box of fragile items and the lights go out.

The tungsten filament used to for lighting is quite fragile and even a small vibration can cause it to separate from the cathodes which conduct the electricity between the two ends of the filament.

The other problem with regular bulbs is that they burn with a heat that can cause issues with the insulation if not installed properly – the amperage required to run one is quite high. Not only do they consume more energy, but also provide less quality light and burn our more quickly, so consider replacing them with LED lights.

The benefits of LED lights

A LED light is much more durable, up to 100 000 hours more durable, – that is 8 years, enough to send your kindergartener to high school and still have the same light bulb.

This is unprecedented efficiency that is becoming more and more affordable due to developments in manufacturing and supply, though the demand is quite high and this keeps the prices higher than regular bulbs.

The retrofitting of these bulbs to an older system is quite easy and inexpensive, their efficiency and longevity make them a perfect choice for an attic space as you know you can rely on them.

What is more important, they emit 2/3 less heat than regular bulbs and have a more high quality light frequency – they are a great solution to a potential problem.