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What is mulch and why is it great for your lawn

Lawn mulch is pulverized grass clippings from the same lawn, which have not been collected but have been spread around. They are a great source of nutrition for the lawn, because they contain quite a lot of oxygen and nitrogen, which are necessary for the growth and development of a healthy root system.

What you need to know about lawn mulch

Lawn mulching is created when a high powered lawn mower cuts grass. This is not a complex process, however, there are several important processes which take place during the mulching process, which are mandatory for the healthy and aesthetic care of any lawn.

You need the right equipment

Before you start using your weed whacker to cut your lawn, you should consider the size of the lawn and the precision that cutter provides. While weed whackers are great for trimming around fences, trees and bushes, they are no match for a push or ride-on lawn mowers based on their power, efficiency and size.

A powerful lawn mower, like a push, ride or ride-along mowers, have the necessary efficiency and power to pulverize grass clippings to a size which won’t interfere and look bad. Since there is the need for power and efficiency, the best choice is to invest in a powerful lawn mower, or have a gardener come and mow the lawn without a collection bin, so he can create that mulch paste.

There is finesse to it

The specifics behind mulching grass clippings are that one single pass with a lawn mower is not enough. Equal and even transfer of the lawn clippings around the lawn is necessary for the complete nutrition of the lawn.

One of the biggest problems with cutting a lawn without a collection bin, is that cut grass dries and looks awful if kept on the lawn. This means that any grass clippings which have been left on the lawn, need to be fully pulverized into a paste, which is so fine that it falls underneath the surface of the lawn, peacefully decomposing out of sight.

This requires several passes with a powerful lawn mower which achieves two things – fully reduce large lawn clippings into dust and paste, and equally transfer said product around the entirety of the lawn.

Great for neglected lawns

This process is most commonly used to treat neglected and overgrown lawns since it helps with the rejuvenation of dead patches of grass. Dead grass can occur due to bad nutrition, no sunlight or due to no water and when a lawn is overgrown, all three factors can occur at once, creating dead, dry grass spots.

Whenever grass becomes too tall, the layers and leafs underneath start to change color simply because they don’t get as much sunlight as the grass on the surface. Regularly cutting your lawn is not only nice, but it’s also healthier for the lawn, so whenever there’s a case of an overgrown lawn, mulching will help it rejuvenate itself a lot more quickly, returning it’s lush look far more rapidly.

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