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Water filtration systems for the home – are they needed

A home without water is not a home, in fact all life on Earth depends on it, and for us it’s vital not only to survive, but also to thrive and grow.

When in cities or in suburban circumstances the water supply often comes from a water reservoir through a large maze of pipes and systems, some of which are older than the house or apartment complex where you live.

Since you cannot rely entire on bottled water, but you need it for cooking, cleaning and bathing – you need access to clean water – the same battle that is being fought in countries all over the world.

The biggest concern for a lot of people is the fluorides that are put inside of the water in order to purify it, and to the benefit of the city, most of the water reaching you is clean.

Should you invest in a water filtration system

There are some locations that sadly don’t have a lot of clean water, in fact it’s quite dangerous to use – though city infrastructure is getting remodeled. This pollution can be due to many factors like agriculture, natural pollution, movement of tectonic plates, landslides and so much more.

Getting water purification system, a portable or built-in one, can remove quite a lot of unwanted material in the water, the ones that the water treatment plants of the city cannot.

There are some combination purification systems that use several ways of cleaning water, including fine mesh filters, using charcoal to remove pesticides and even ozonators which kill all present bacteria.

These type of systems have been proven to be quite effective even in treating sewage water and providing 99% pure H20 infused with some important minerals.

The down side of these kinds of systems is that they are quite expensive – however, there is no price on health and that’s what a lot of people around the country have decided.

Downsides of purification systems

Some of these systems are so effective that they remove the important minerals in water and provide clean H20 which is not really that beneficial to the body.

In fact, the best water is water that has lots of ions, magnesium and other elements in it which are found in natural source resources like springs.

These minerals help us digest food better, make our cells actually absorb oxygen and food and a lot more important processes in the body.

In order to work this purification method requires that you use tablets of those substances which put them back after they have been removed along with many impurities.

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