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Go On Vacation… In Your Backyard

If you have so much to do in the office and no time for a real holiday, we can offer you several ideas of how to make special vacation retreats right in your backyard. Nicely arranged patios, beautifully landscaped gardens and family swimming pools (if there is enough space) can offer you the relaxation you will need during the weekends and in the evenings in order to escape from your daily routines.

# 1 Make a Deck in backyard

The decks are not difficult to make and are very popular for outdoor living. They are available at a low cost and are ideal for sitting outside. The decks open up the home and are perfect for dining outside. In case there is enough room, a good idea would be to add an outdoor kitchen with a grill and a sink. Equip comfortable dining area with dining table and umbrella.

# 2 Get a Nice Patio

The patios are considered a retreat that does not need plenty of maintenance. It can be done from various materials based on your own choice. The patio pavers come in various sizes, shapes and colors. You can also add some flowers or a small fountain. The patio is a great place for your morning coffee or tasty dinner. It is also a great place for gatherings.

# 3 Do Some Landscaping

You can choose from various garden styles; you can follow one or you can combine elements from the ones you like most and make a backyard style design of your own. For example, the Oriental Landscaping uses plenty of evergreen plants, rocks and water; the English garden style invests in perennials and shrubs, as well as in many decorative elements; the Butterfly Gardens use special plans that are food source for these beautiful creatures.

The landscaping is not for everyone, yet those who find it a passionate experience say that they feel quite at peace digging and planting in the backyard.

# 4 Get a Swimming Pool, if possible

The swimming pools have one main feature – they can soak the stress away. Both devices can provide you with a lot of fun and relaxation. Some of the hot tubes and swimming pools need more maintenance than others, so you have to make a choice. For example, the pools of fiberglass need recoating from time to time; the concrete pools need to be resurfaced once in every ten years, while the pools with tiles are easier to maintain.

# 5 Pamper Yourself With a Hot Tub

The hot tubes can provide you with the ultimate retreat. The water there has therapeutic effect and is ideal to reduce the stress and to alleviate the muscle pains.

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