home movie night

Top 5 ideas for home movie night

There is probably nothing cooler and relaxing than a home experience after a long day at work. Experiences at home could be very entertaining and not boring at all, when it comes to mutual activities. Some families build Lego castles, some are putting puzzle pieces together, others read books or watch movies.

And since watching a good movie is probably the ultimate 21st century experience, we thought of few tips for making the home movie night exquisite experience not only for you, but to the whole family.

The reasons

Family home movie night seems like a great decision for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays ….well for all the evenings. It’s like a family bonding activity, which is both pleasure and positive-energy-building activity. It’s a memory machine, which will be a pleasure for all of you. Family home movie night could be an experience, which will need a few smart tips in order to be great though. So here we give you 5 best ideas for a good family home movie night.

The importance of ages

Since you already have kids, there is the need for you to consider most of your favorite action, thriller or horror movies at once. Kids should watch appropriate movies, which you have previously checked if they are OK. That does not mean that children should not be facing serious movie themes. No. But try to mix up the things a bit.

Choose films that will be appropriate and interesting for the whole family. No one should be bored to sleep. Try to build up schedule, where there are new movies, old school ones, fairy tale movies or cartoon films. After all, the important thing is that everyone should be happy.

Styles for home movie night

Think of movies that you think your children would definitely like, but no one talks about them anymore. New blockbusters are not always something to spend two hours at. So consider wisely which one do you choose for the home movie night. This way you could put emphasis on important themes for life, which kids could hardly get from somewhere else.

For example – nobody talks about Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz or Peter Pan anymore to the children in kinder garden. Try to show them such pleasant movies, which will be fun for all of you.

The interior

Think of a thematically kind of interior for the living room or where you will watch the movie. You could easily decorate the premise in the style of the movie you are going to watch. For example – if it happens that you are planning to watch The Hobbit, put some emphasis on a bit of a decoration in the movie’s style. Something like plastic swords or hobbit wigs and wizard pointy hats… something that will make you laugh and involved in the movie.

If you are watching a vampire movie, the choice is obvious and logical – artificial vampire teeth, of course.

Make it cozy

Try to make the living room as much comfortable as a movie theater. Well, try even more. Put some extra pillow, blankets if you like. If you are more than 2-3 people, add some chairs. Think about dimming the lights or even turn them off at all. The best way is to choose soft white light bulbs. If you have got a good surround audio set, adjust them for a full audio experience for the home movie night.


Everybody loves some snack. And especially when they are at the movies. The fact that you are at home makes things even easier. Along with the popcorn you could prepare some easy – to – make sandwiches, salad or just some fast snacks. But don’t turn this into a lavishing dinner. If you find this hard – go with the popcorn. Toppings for them would be a great idea.

One step at a time

Try to put some schedule for the movie-watching. What do we mean? – To make things even funnier and more realistic, try to make an intermission one or two times during the movie, especially if it is too long. This time could be used for you and the family to discuss the plot and try to predict the ending for example.

The number two important reason is the restroom. At the end of the movie …wel it’s time for the reviews!