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Tiles, wallpaper, paint – which is the best solution for the kitchen

The kitchen is a probably the most used room in the house. There you cook, have dinner or spend time with the family. That’s why the kitchen interior is very important for the feeling of cosines and family gatherings.

When it’s time to consider how to cover the kitchen wall you have a few opportunities in front of you. In this small article, we will check on the best solution for kitchen walls and help you decide which one will fit your taste the most.

You can choose from tiles, wallpaper and paint. Each of them has its advantages, but also flaws.

Cover the kitchen walls with tiles

Tiles give a very stylish look to any room they are added. Usually, tiles are more common for the bathroom interior, but lately, they are getting a  very popular cover for the kitchen walls as well. There is a lot of flexibility in the tiles’ designs and if you put imagination you can create interesting shapes with them.

Tiles are very easy to clean and will protect the wall from scraches and spots. This is important especially for a room like a kitchen where usually members of the family are not that careful with the interior. Another pro for the tiles is that they protect the wall from mold to grow, because they don’t keep the walls wet.

Creative painting in the kitchen walls

If you don’t have much time renovating the kitchen, painting the walls is for sure the best solution for you. There are many ideas on how to combine the wall color with the furniture and another part of the interior. You can make an experiment and paint the walls in different colors to see which fits the best.

Painting the walls is considered to be one of the home improvement projects that one can do easily. However, there are few cons when it comes to painting the walls including that it gets easily damaged and dirties faster. Also pained wall are less resistant to the mold growing.

Make the kitchen interior more personal with wall-papers

Wall-papers are decorative, fun and inexpensive way to decorate your kitchen. You can create your own design and have a unique interior or buy ready-made wall-papers that match your kitchen style. If you are

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