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How to throw a great home party

Who says that a party should be always in a club outside? Our memories are telling us, that a home party could be rather exquisite and really fun in a way that you simply cannot feel on any other place. A home party could be even more ridiculously fun and full of emotions even though at home. But this is actually the most important thing about it- the idea that when you are at home with your favorite this unleashes emotions which could be hardly reached on any other place.

To have yourself a pretty cool home party though, there are some obligatory stuff. Without them a party is not what it is.

We are not talking about those kinds of home parties, where you go, stuff yourself with crisps and snacks and winding around, until someone says it is already too late and you have to go home. Unsatisfied from the party and the uninteresting people you have probably met there. So if you want everything to be simply smooth sailing go on with the next few tips and tricks of throwing a great home party.

The social part
A home party is not simply a place where people go, then eat and drink some stuff just like that. It has to be a social gathering where people get to know each other, have fun and most of all communicate. So- when inviting people do not hesitate to bring not only your five best buddies. Think about your neighbors for example. Some of them may be cool guys and girls and probably you, throwing a party is the only thing necessary to build your neighbor relationship.

So invite people around the block or the street. It might happen that they were likely to be fun and will help you throwing the party of the year. This way even though some of your neighbors don’t come to the party, they will be notified passively that there will be late-night partying, music and a little bit of noise. But inviting them may soften them and this way you can guarantee that there won’t be any troubles with them.

All the king’s men
Even though parties are a social gathering and a place to get to know some other people, there should be a selectiveness in the guest list. Think about what kind of people you are inviting at your home party. Think about how they will match with one another. Probably the whole party depends on that! We do not mean that every guest should be your best buddy or you could like him/her very much. We are talking about that since you know the people you should think of how they will match with each other.

You cannot gather people who like jazz music with others, who are fond of heavy metal. Think about friends with “special abilities”. For example- the one that does not drink- he/she could be very helpful at one point. You know what we mean. If you have a “neat-freak” friend, he would be also very necessary at another point of the party. This is what we called “smart party planning and guesting”.

Be mindful of the food you are serving. No matter it is a home party you cannot always serve chips and beer. Think of something really nice. It doesn’t have to be very exquisite, but if you want people to show up on the next party you are throwing, you should know that people like food as much as alcohol. So there are possibilities for easy but tasty way of satisfying that. Sandwiches, salad, nuts, fish fingers, sweet potatoes, cheese or burgers- these are some of the easy-to-make things that could make a great party which everyone will talk about for months. An important things is that you should always have something to vegetarians and vegans. They might not eat meat, but in the same time they might be party boosters, who knows!

The drinks
When it comes to parties, there are probably one or two parties in the history of manking where there wasn’t any alcohol. Well at least soft cocktails, but when you say party, the first primitive reaction of people if alcohol. Face it- a party without some good booze rarely happens to be a cool one. So take good care of this one. Think about what is going to be more appropriate for your guests. We will not make list for you now, but hard liquor, wine and some beer are probably the necessities for a good party time. Good soft drinks are also needed. Some guys and girls do not prefer alcohol and may want to have themselves a good non-alcohol cocktail, tea, punch or some juice.

It’s a tricky and VERY important one. It is probably more important than the alcohol and food taken both. Music is what the thing that can make a party great or absolute disaster. It all depends of the style you have chosen, mainly depending on your guests. Of course you cannot satisfy every single taste in music in few hours, but there could be a playlist which will consists of everyone’s favorites. If you ain’t got DJ skills, ask some of your friends to help with this task. Because as we said it, music is of a great importance!

Socialize people
Some of your guests may be shyer than others. This will end up with them staying in the couch in the corner of the room and talking to nobody. And this would be depressing even for those who have fun. So buckle up, and introduce people to one another. You are the host and as a host you have this obligation. And don’t go scared now and inviting only people who know each other well. The main idea is not only to have fun, but to meet some new people as well. Start conversations among them, emphasize on the things one does or work, so it will become interesting to the others and etc.

Entertaining stuff
No matter how much alcohol you provide to your guests, it may not be enough for the good entertaining. You will probably have to come up with some new stuff, in order to entertain the guests. Think of some cool games (not scrabble or anything that concerns too much thinking), that would improve the party atmosphere if something is about to get boring. For example “Truth or Dare” is a cool and entertaining game, which will involve a lot of thrilling interest and excitement in your guest.

These are some of the things you could work on when planning a home party. Remember that it is your duty and your organization, but it is not that hard. Especially when you are dealing with friends you like. So roll up your sleeves, pick a sheet of paper and write down all the important things you need. The rest will happen eventually.

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