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Things you need to deal with every week in home cleaning

No matter how hard it looks and it actually is, there are days when you should spend your free time in ….. home cleaning. Well, it is not the greatest and full of pleasures activity one could think of, but in the same time it is actually necessary. Here we will take a glimpse of the things you need to clean every week for a good, healthy and improved home.

  1. But of course you need to do your laundry every time when necessary. At least you need some clean clothes, don’t you? It is not the greatest thing to do in your free time, but hey, the choice is always yours and you can improve your home this way only if you want to. In the same time you will not have a pile of dirty clothes rolling around the house. And remember – it’s the washing machine that does the big work, not you.
  1. Bathroom and the surfaces. It’s a place that should be clean always. It’s not only about looks, it’s about health and safety for you and your family. You could use special all-purpose home cleaning solutions which is the easiest way. Use it for the countertops, for the toilet seat, for mirrors and everything that needs to be cleaned right away. The optimistic thing – it shouldn’t last more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  1. Carpet and rugs. Yep, they may seem clean and alright, but if you haven’t vacuum them in a while, be sure they are not. Carpets and rugs can gather a lot more dust and dirt from your shoes than you actually think. So the important and not that hard thing is to vacuum every piece of carpet and rug that you possess and this way the air in the house will be cleaner than ever before. And it’s the same as with the other machines – they do the hard work.
  1. Dusty furniture. If there is dust all over your furniture, first it does not look well, and second – a lot of the dust goes into your lungs while you are in the room and breathing. It also damages the pieces of furniture, because dust can be abrasive and scratch the softer surfaces. Use a soft microfiber cloth to deal with it and then the results will be great.
  2. Yes, that’s the cloth with which you go to bed every night. Imagine they are dirty. It doesn’t sound well, does it? So clean the sheets every week, so you will be sleeping like a baby in clean place.
  3. Kitchen appliances.

    They are a big part in the home cleaning. Even they might not look dirty, you kitchen appliances like the stove, microwave and refrigerator could be actually a lot dirtier than you possibly think. Clean these parts of the kitchen every week from fingerprints, food stains and bits and have your dreamy kitchen, without spending too much time of improving it at the end of the month.

  1. Tub and shower! These wet and often warm places are ideal for the birth of a nation of germs. In the same time you should deal with the scum and mildew, so home cleaning the place every week is a necessity. You can use a special-purpose cleaning solutions or make some for yourself. In order to make it easy for you and not spend hours in cleaning this space, simply do a little washing after every bath you take. It will make it a lot easier.
  1. Toilet and especially toiled seats are prone to be attacked by different kinds of germs. The easiest way if to wash the toilet every day just with the help of some water and solution with a special purpose. If the situation needs more attention, you could use the special solution, gloves and an old toothbrush to deal with some of the deposits.
  1. The floors. It doesn’t matter which one. Floors at home can make way to different germs to strive to ruin our good time at home. We cannot see them, but be sure, they are somewhere down there. Clean your floors at least once a week using special detergent and the necessary hardware for this purpose.
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