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The Ultimate Bathroom Guide

As arguably the most important room in the house, the bathroom has not only a role of a utility room, but also that of aesthetics – this is why then it is absolutely understandable when homeowners strive to find a balance between these two aspects.

When designing a bathroom one walks a thin line between comfort and beauty, while overdoing one would compromise the other.

What is the best combination of aesthetics and functionality

It is good to mention that a lot of interior designers, and especially furniture designers, have started acknowledging this diversity in importance.

There are some notable bathroom furniture choices that are both comfortable and beautiful – notable being the floating sink and toilet – allow for the eyes to wander without hindering the practical needs these items meet.

In general there are some great solutions, which, however, cost a bit more – because designers know that folks are looking for a good solution the functionality – aesthetics dilemma. In light of this, there are some very simplistic solutions that will not cost you much.

Modesty is also very attractive

If you aim for something that is affordable, simplistic, realistic and aesthetic then you should go for a more modest look which can better suit your needs.

Of course it’s important to have vanities, otherwise what’s the point of the bathroom – whether it’s a combined bath and toilet or a solitary shower, it is important for the room look and feel nice.

Do not allow yourself to fall too deep into the beauty hole because it leads down to cluttered and messy surroundings – while it starts out simple, it evolves into a dysfunctional monster. You start tripping over or bumping into items that you don’t really need – so always keep it simple.

Allow your eyes to wander from element to element, from shape to shape, without losing sign of the functionality that this room has for you. Yes, some cabinets here or there are nice, if you can spare the space, if you cannot then keep the bathroom furniture to a minimum.

Get a towel rack, but make sure it’s not too bulky, use smartly designed vanity which does not take too much space, but also make sure that, if your needs require it, to make enough room for multiple people.

Morning routines is where the functionality and security of a bathroom really shows, so next that that you are brushing your teeth alongside your loved one, take a moment to assess whether you really need that flower pot.

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