Cold showers and their health benefits

The health benefits of cold showers

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As we sink deeper into the comforts of our modern civilization, we go further away from the natural laws that shaped our species as such. Throughout evolution, humans survived because they were able to adapt to sever cold and hot climates, and thus became the dominant species on the planet.

But with the comforts of modern living, like a bathroom or a toilet, a lot of the things that shaped our resilience and sharpened our imagination are no longer acting upon us with such a ferocious intensity – we have warm houses and food is readily available.

There are some out there, like Wim Hoff, who understand that the relationship between the elements and the body is quite fundamental.

What about cold showers

Throughout the millennia, our body evolved many different ways of surviving the inhospitable climates, one of which is shivering when cold.

This is when the body, through slight muscle spasms, attempts to raise the general temperature of the body in order to maintain proper blood circulation.

The cold initiates a response in the body, a struggle for survival which has youthful effects on the skin as the body devours the dead or drying cells and uses them for fuel to maintain itself.

This “lockdown” musters the body’s strength because it believes it’s survival is at stake – with a cold shower you can trick your cells into rejuvenating their cell walls, increasing their resilience.

Cold is good for inflammation

Inflammation is a big problem with a lot of people, especially active families which participate in sport events. Running is considered one of the healthiest ways of exercising, however, there are some unpleasant surprises – inflammations of joints and muscle pain due to improper technique.

All of this can be remedied with a cold shower as it removes the inflammation from the joints, reducing swelling and pressure on blood vessels. It is shown to also be beneficial for people with high blood pressure, as it acts on fatty tissues.

Cold showers as aid for weight loss

When the body tries to heat up, it uses a lot of energy stored in the body. If you are looking to lose some weight, a cold shower or two will leave feeling a lot slimmer than before.

The reaction the body has to cold also allows you to train your will, as you would need to reinforce it to resists the urge from getting out of the shower.

Don’t worry, this is your body being spoiled by modern amenities like warm showers and steam baths, it is a necessary process of personal growth and body health and if you decide to give it a go remember – breathe and stay calm when it hits your neck.

Hope this article was interesting if not helpful as we do try to inform our readers of interesting improvements of home life and personal growth.