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The essential home

Tendencies- we all feel a bit weak when dealing with something new, that is quite exquisite, feels rather different from the mainstream and feels connected with our vision of lifestyle in some ways.
And since the world is not that big any more there are plenty of ways for us to find the different trend which exemplifies our vision and strive for a distinctive life.
East and west are two sides of a coin and in many manners very different from one another.
This time we would like to talk about rather rarely unknown culture, trend, ideology …call it whatever you like it. We would like to talk about the wabi sabi culture and meanings.
Historically speaking it is a Wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection. It sounds strange, indeed, but the meanings concern of many other things: it values simplicity, uncluttered, underplayed, and modest surroundings. Authenticity is key to this kind of philosophy. People praising the presence of cracks and scratches in things are considered to be symbolic of the passing of time, weather, and loving use–and should be embraced. Another facet to wabi-sabi is the idea of the “obvious pretty” vs. “unique beauty.”

Unlike shabby chic, wabi-sabi decor inspires minimalism. It focuses more on the people who live in the space than anything else. Things, items and possessions in general are pared down to the essentials based on utility, beauty, or nostalgia. The color palette is rather focused on few color ranges. It sways toward whites and earth tones thanks to the use of natural materials. It’s like a symbolic call: live modestly, meaning that one should learn to be satisfied with life as it can be once the unnecessary is stripped away. Sounds natural, doesn”t it?

And in case you are a person, always searching and ready for the different faces of life you could try and follow this non-eccentric but very interesting philosophy, under the manners of home design.
There are few tips, useful for the ones of you who are still young in the wabi-sabi culture and philosophy but still find it interesting and worthy to try at home.
First of all, do not forget that your home area should describe who you are and what are your real interests and vision of daily life at home. It must exemplifies your life, and your life only. So as a beginning try to use real art. Real art in our homes will reflect who we are and what our interests and tastes are better than a piece of art that was bought at a chain store.

Try to make yourself or buy handmade items and utensils. This is kind of essential to the whole wabi sabi culture. Hnadmade objects actually are the only thing that can make a home really personal and original in all the meanings of these words. The handmade items might be anything from a quilt, and some pottery. They can be hand-forged stove venthood.  They might be something you have made yourself, or a family treasure, or something you purchased at a craft sale.

This culture is  basically connected with nature and brings all nature’s benefits in some forms into your home. So when decorating, use natural elements. Not only do natural items are cheaper and sometimes absolutely free – but they have the ability to put emphasis that the organic feel they give to a room. Collect something while you have a walk in the park- leaves, pine coins etc.  Natural elements also mean decorating with natural wood furniture or floors or wood beams or even using live plants in your home.

Vintage items are the perfect way to bring some distinctive outlook to your home with that old-time retrospective feeling which all of us sometimes feel, when exploring old rooms in a dwelling, of places we have forgotten we liked in the past. The signs of age and patina that often accompany vintage items add charm and sense of history. These items may be family heirlooms, or be treasures from thrift or antique stores, or they may even be worn parts of your home like exposed brick or beams.

And since it’s kind of about materials, but in another way quite about people and philosophy actually, there is the most important “decoration” which you could try to benefit from- light. A room that is carefully edited helps you appreciate what you have in your life. Space and light then become the most important elements in the room rather than the furniture and objects of daily living. Clearing the clutter creates a calm and why not creative atmosphere. That helps you focus on the people in the room rather than the objects. That helps focus on yourself as well, improving who you are.

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