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Store well without having a closet

Storing sometimes sounds like a high-tech and philosophical science. We do think that the perfect storage, especially for clothes, is a thing of a great importance, cause it respects and deals with spaces in every home. And since not every home has the luxury of enormous amounts of space, we do think there has to be a great master plan before you start dealing with this one.
So let’s imagine that the space is the most expensive and rare value that you possess and have to deal with. Let’s think of some of the possible ways that you could store your clothes and accessories wihtout making them look like an upside-down cake.

Few tips which you could handle by yourself are gonna help you with this kind of tough case. And after all it’s not rocket sciense, not even a brain surgery.

  • Look around, think of some old trunk or a hardware box, which could embrace some of your stuff. You can go with an old suitcase as well – the result is a stylish old-time-looking mini drawer, which can “squeeze”anywhere you want it to squeeze. And with small amounts of will and love, you could transform that trunk of suitcase in any kind of design, matching with your personal home décor.
  • Use your abilities and crafty hands (if you are such a person) and make yourself a shelf. Plenty of viral online suggestions can teach you how to do that, even if you are not thea type of guy with skilful left and a right hand. Extra shelves are a great addition if you have some space somewhere in the room. The materials that can be used are numerous- wood, metal, plastic. The number of shelves can be as many as you want them to be. You could make them reaching all the way up to the ceiling.
  • You could manage to make some extra space for your clothes with a detached rack from an old wardrobe. In case you ain’t got one, you are absolutely free to use any kind of materials like metal pipes. Choose some good pieces (they can be found in your town’s metal dumping ground, why not?), then go to a welder and tell him what your plans are. Sketch a simple design and see what happens.
  • Make banefit from free spaces. No matter where they are, no matter the room. No matter under or above.
    Use the space under your bed. So, go on, shoo-away the monsters underneath it, and see if you can do something useful with the empty spaces there. Shoes, handbags, clothes, vacuumed in special plastic bags or even toys can find suitable place here. It’also a great spot for heavy sweathers, in order to avoid the marks left by the long dangling on the hangers in the wardrobe. Try also rolling drawers that can match the space under the bed. Use plastic bins or flat containers.
  • Have you thought about hanging? You have got some walls at home and you definetely can use the whole lot of surface they offer. Jewelry, hats, scarves, accessories could take their space there. You can go with some extra added racks or why not a nail hammered and sticked into the wall (we’re kidding). It’s a perfect way for you to find a place for the things that you use more often during your day.
  • And thinking about extraordinary ways of storing clothes, consider the ceiling and one of its additional functions. Just like a chandelier you could adjust some rods, combine them with some hooks and a rope. The only important thing is to use strong materials, just so you will be sure nothing is coming down bumping your head.
  • Rethink the storage of things you do not need. Bookcases are often the things that collects much more stuff, that you probably do not need right now or this season. Use that space to store some t-shirts, pants, shorts, sweaters or whatever you need. Just fold them properly.
  • And since we are slowly approaching the idea of minimalistic ways to store- loose some stuff! Yes, just like that. Sit and think of the things  you don’t need anymore. Or the things you do not need for the summer. Or the clothes that don’t even fit you anymore. That’s right- think minimalistic and in the same time materialistic. Because it’s the only way you can rid of items you do not need, or even you do not like anymore.
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