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Spending money on your home? Why not?

First of all it’s an investment. Just like you invest money in your car, or your education, you probably will have to invest additional money for the sake of your home.

The reasons for that could be numerous. You may have the need to boost its value and market price. Or you just may want to make your place a little bit more comfortale and pleasant for the eye. No matter the reason there are few tips that you can use if wondering where to start and how to execute the whole process.

You have got a yard? Well what’s more cooler than that! If it happens you have a yard, you always can add some extra things to its outlook. If it’s a concrete yard, you could add some grass area to contrast that urban look. If it is almost grass and trees, go on and make a small concrete or stone path. The effect will be probably the same, it will stand out visualy and will create a feeling of home.

You can put some extra swings or a pallet-made furniture or a fire place for the long summer nights outside.

Since you have a yard, there’s a great possibility that you have a furnace, right? Right. And if you do so, you can always get up earlier on Saturday morning and use the time reasonably- put some fresh paint job and see the eminent results right away.

Insulation is another step that might improve your home qualities. Additional insulation will make your apartment or a house like a super hero to the harsh environment if there is such. Yes, it may cost much, but the results show effect immediately and last for the years ahead.

A bright space is a happy place. There is for sure a tendency that leads every design to bring light into the apartment. Sometimes people simply want  to adjust the curtains and leave the place dark and strangely cozy. But light is very important and with a vital meaning to one’s home. If windows do their best and your place is still a bit darker than you would like it to be… well – then assemble some additional light devices. You don’t have to mess around with the electrical system. You could provide adjustable lamps, which could be moved in every place you would want them to be.

If you are moving into a new place, there are few things to make sure are fine. And this time we will be short and clear- plumbing and electricity system. That’s all. You just check them cause they are of great importance for a secure and comfortable home.

Since the last one was obligatory we could offer some more ideas of investing money in your place and don’t feel bad about it. Decorations are important, but when decorations are essential and have their concrete purpose of being in the house… well that’s more than just a decoration.You can play with trends and colors of furnishing, you can put some wooden floor, which will add that extra comfortable feeling.Plants are also a not bad idea in putting some life in a place.

We personally believe that a bathroom must have two things- a key on the inside part of the door and a warm and clean feeling when you’re in that space. So pick up a pen and a paper and write down the three most important things in your bathroom which you would like to be changed. This will help you to decide where to start in the updating process.

Acording to us there is nothing more important than the kitchen (we think the same about the bathroom though). The kitchen is that sacred place which you use imagination and skills if you are a cook. If you’re not, well, then you can use it just for a comfortable meal with the family and friends. The important thing when putting extra money into the kitchen is to think about the particular needs. Think about devices. Then think about the most important of them, because it’s simply stupid to buy expensive machines since you are not going to use them at all. Tops of the kitchen counters are of a great importance as well. Choose good waterproof material, and if there is a possibility let it be hard enough to out hot things on it and slice the food directly over it- just like a cutting board.

Basements and attics – the scary places from our childhood. They are actually the perfect place to be restored and turned into another extra room for guests. Or for your favorite collection of … whatever it is that you collect. The most important thing to be consider in this occasion is how you deal with moist in the basement. If you haven’t got that problem- great. But if you do- talk to a specialist and make that thing work. After that you can continue with the grand master plans for this extra room.

Both attic and basement could be furnished with some old stuff you were about to throw away. But with a additional paint, or change of tops there you’ll have some new-like sofas, tables and chairs, which will create atmoshpere.Use also posters or print some of your favorite templates and use them as a wall tapestry.

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