less time on the web

Spend less computer/TV time at home

Quality time has a bit of a different meaning in the last few decades, having in mind the possibilities and entertainment that the online Internet world and television offer. The price for these seems minimal. At least it does not cost as much as it cost once. Everyone has a proper TV set at home and at the office and in the same time spends a lot of time surfing in the web. The problem we rarely do not think of is actually a big one. It concerns less time spent with the family and friends, less physical activities, less contacts with people outside your home and health problems, which come in time.

That’s why we thought of some ideas, concerning the problem with spending too much time in front of a screen and what that leads to.

First of all no matter how small the effect of the computer or TV set occurs in the monthly bill, it still has one. And if you do the math it will happen that you spend a lot of electricity for these practices of yours per year. In order to reduce it spend only the time you need in front of these devices. The rest of the time you should turn it off the grid.

TV programs and Internet commercials have got a big deal of information which creates a kind of glamorous objects, which reach nearly the impossible perfection of people and activities. Life seems better than it actually can be, people seem more beautiful, successful and good, than it is often possible. When we cannot reflect with the images and ideas, shown in the ads and other ideas we tend to feel guilt and impossible strive to be someone we admire, and not ourselves. Those commercials sometimes put people in a psychological condition of unhappiness, because they are a lot powerful than real life sometimes is.

Valuable time for opportunities
Spending more and more time in front of the computer and TV set restrains you from other important and vital activities. You have less time for social contacts, less time for business opportunities and other constructive stuff, which could be positively important for you. If only you could realize this of course.
All that appears into stress, which we all suffer but realize later on. We forget about other important things like additional work or leisure, spending time with kids, family and friends and afterwards it all becomes a pile of stuff which we cannot accomplish in time and that builds stressful feelings.

Remember the time when you had lunch and dinner with the family at a same appropriate time (at least at weekends)? Yes, we still do remember it as well. While you are spending time in front of the computer or the TV set we could think of the dinner tonight. We could spend more time in preparing healthy food and experimenting with food. It could be a special family time as well. A real quality time.

Bad dining habits can lead to health problems
Imagine that you stay in front of the computer all weekend for no reason at all. You don’t have any work on it, but you still spend hours and hours on it. In the mean time you prefer having a fast lunch with something directly out from the fridge or a sandwich, which is OK, but all the time. This can lead to health problems and more precisely to obesity. To restrict this one lower the hours in front of the computer, especially if you have kids which need to play and improve their physical condition every single day. Do exercise and try to build strong habits of spending at least an hour with physical activity.

You think you communicate, but you actually don’t. Browsing around the web and social online networks creates the feeling of communication. Well, it’s kind of a communication but it is not what it should be. Another thing is that when we are watching TV or surfing in the net we do not give our attention to the people around us- family, friends, and guests. You cannot have actual conversation while having your attention grabbed by the shiny screen. So in time it may occur that your communicational skills have gotten rusted. The worst part is that you lose track of people you actually care about and people that fill up your daily life.

The alternatives!
Since you have figured out the problems with too much TV or computer time, there are ways for you to restrict that and put your life in a more sufficient and “human” way for good. You can always try a new schedule and see if that works. Think of it like it is a crash course.

Your body’s physical condition is of a big importance. If it is not in good shape it will lead you to some other problems which you don’t need and you don’t want. So make yourself a plan. Instead of spending four hours in front of the TV or the computer, make them three and leave the one for a special training around the block or in the yard. Do some push-ups, some jogging or some pull-ups. No matter what, you will feel a lot more energized and well than the other way around.

Cook, for your own sake!
Cook your food. Spend some time in your kitchen. That’s what it’s made of. Share some cooking time with your family and prepare you dinner for yourself. Since you browse through the net for hours you could look for an easy recipe and cook it for you and your family. There are plenty of easy-to-prepare ones.

Remember books?
Read a book. Think of the one you have always wanted to read, or the one that a friend of yours had recommended for you. If there is none, read your favorite one from your childhood. It doesn’t matter it is a bit childish, there is a child in all of us after all.

Additional work
If still got a lot of free time in your daily schedule you may consider starting a new business. It doesn’t mean it has to be the greatest start-up of all time (but who knows what could happen), it doesn’t mean that it has to do something really time-consuming. It could be your hobby, which you can turn around so that you could make some extra money and in the same time have some more quality time with yourself.


You have to be social. It’s in people’s nature. That is a fact. Be positive to people, even if you do not know them personally. Social contacts could lead to many different results. They could help you spend your time better, they could help you have more fun or they could create good business contacts for the future. Not to mention that you can use this idea and call an old friend with whom you haven’t spent time for a while.

Everybody needs a hobby. No matter what it is. Even if it is collecting stones from the yard. Most of the hobbies sometimes look quite strange and weird to others, but who cares! It’s yours and it should make you feel better. Think of musical instruments, think of outdoor activities, think of cooking or some kind of sport activity. Most of the hobbies can refresh consciousness and in the same time energize you for the other part of your life.