Saving yourself space in the kitchen with these awesome solutions

Space saving kitchen solutions

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A kitchen, regardless of its size, is the most used room in the house – you prepare food and depending on your arrangements, you also eat there. It can also be a place of social gathering for families and friends, so space utilization is very important.

People with big kitchen spaces rarely have to think about saving space, as they have more to spare, however, those of us who live in a smaller place, have to manage the space you do have.

There are, however, some solutions that create space where there was none before and these are the solutions that we are going to explore in this text.

Is it possible to create space from nothing

This is a leading question, as it pertains to there existing something from nothing, the truth of the matter resides in finding clever ways of creating space, where it was not possible prior to finding these solutions.

These are some very clever inventions which you can use in a small bathroom and even create closet space in the bedroom.

Instead of placing permanent cabinets, you can rely on sticky-tape, silicone and tension that will hold surfaces together in order to make the space that was otherwise unused.

Utilize floating shelves with extensions that go towards the sill of the window, this is especially helpful in small apartments where counter space is limited because this can used a dish rack, spice rack or any other type of rack.

Create shelves out of scrap wood

Scrap wood is easy to find, these shelves can be placed between two surfaces, like the sill or above a counter in order to get more space for utilities, amenities and spices.

You can also utilize smart kitchen cabinets which allow you to unfold different sections with a special mechanism, choosing what you need at a certain point.

Unused wall space is also very good real-estate, and this is where the main focus is with this type of utility solutions, most of the time they are suction cups mounted to different surfaces like towel racks, or cups for cutlery.

These are mobile solutions and can be changed or modified to fit your needs, which is great if you find that the current placement does not go well with the flow of the kitchen.

Underneath the cabinets

The space underneath the 2nd row of cabinets is very good real-estate and you can implement different space saving solutions like kitchen paper roll holders or other utilities.

At the end of the day, the only thing that truly limits you is your imagination, explore your creative side and you will find creative solutions.