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Sound-proof the floor with these great underlayment ideas

Noise at home, noise from the neighbors – it’s a pretty unpleasant situation, we guess you will approve that. But there are always ways to simply become more sophisticated in sound-proof the flooring and more precisely in sound-proofing your whole dwelling as well.

Starting from the floor

There are always ways to improve some space at home and by starting with the floor you will see that a good underlayment is a great way to insulate your home from different unwanted sounds and noises. Sometimes even footsteps could be unpleasantly distracting and annoying. The decision is not of course trying to walk with slippers and not making a sound at all.

The answer is to insulate properly your dwelling so that you will have the freedom to talk loud when you want, to “dance the night away” when you feel like it.

The special underlayment could be from all kind of material. It can be soft. It can be placed on the top of the subfloor or even under the carpet or laminate flooring.

No matter what type is it, it is pretty important when we talk about this type of insulation of the home.

  1. Acoustic foam. It has the effect of keeping floors pretty quiet, which is the main purpose after all.
  2. Polyethylene foam is another type of sound-proofing material, which can be installed on the ground of your home. Foam underlayment of this type can be found in most of the specialized stores. It is easily obtainable and could serve you with its special purposes.
  3. It can be found in a recycled kind and is quite effective as well. So basically you save nature in some way and in the same time you sound-proof your dwelling.

Hard underlayment is also a great decision for this purpose and could serve you in a great and sufficient way as well.

  1. It is commonly used when there is a laminate flooring or hardwood flooring in the room. It is able to provide your home with moderate sound-blocking abilities.
  2. Cement board is also a way of successful sound-blocking hardware system. The idea and sound-proofing abilities come from the dense characteristics of the cement itself.
  3. Acoustic underlayment. That’s is a special and more precise type of under flooring system. It is designed in order to soften the sound and noises in a dwelling so there is more sufficient comfort in the concrete place. It is made from recycled wood and is thicker than most of the other types of plywood options for flooring and that could make it a little bit harder to install, especially if the room space does not allow it.

Some of these options are quite simply for you to ensure the safe and quite atmosphere for you and your family at home. There will be less noise, less vibrations. It will be much more pleasant for the sleep-until-noon guys as well.

In addition you can always make the most simple but also smart decision and put some rugs and comfortable carpets in the particular rooms. This way you will improve not only the sound-proof of your dwelling but also you will put some style, where needed.

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