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The smartest laundry storing

Have you ever felt absolutely helpless when it comes to storing stuff? Yes? And you felt even more desperately helpless when you should store the laundry? Probably yes too. But since there are problems there are solutions to them. That is why we thought about the smartest ways for laundry storing.

There is no need for you to throw away some of your favorite garments or to stuck them roughly in the darkest corners of the dwelling.

This way they will be rather far away from your sight and one they you will simply forget about them. Even that there is no need of drama, there is still risk in storing, when you do not have the usual and necessary space for that.

The classic stuff

We all remember the good ol’ laundry basket. It’s a sentimental memory, which is actually a great way to store your laundry until the laundry day.

Nevertheless there are at least tens of ways to store the laundry at home. We think of the best and most stylish ones, which will not lead you to additional expenses or efforts.

Leave spacious areas in your utility room. Fill that space with baskets with the right form and why not design. Some of the utility units even come with the right baskets. Use all the space that you could get.

That could be the free space under some of the countertops and always put the baskets in a more approachable places with an easy access.

Handy access

Even though you use baskets for your laundry storing or utilities, you should provide kind of free and easy access to them.

Sliding panels of the laundry utilities are a great decision, when it comes to space saving. This way when laundry day arrives you will be prepared and ready for action.

The hamper

If you have got one yourself, think about it’s design. This is very important not for your guests. It is important for you and your family to feel comfortable.

A good old hamper could be easily redesigned with a simple bucket of paint or an interesting slogan written on it. This way the hamper could be located whenever you want it to be and in the same time it can create a contemporary and tension – free atmosphere.

The design

Since laundry baskets happen to be the simplest and greatest way for storing laundry, why not picking up something with a good style that is appropriate for your home?

Consider new shapes and alternative designs for your laundry baskets. There are already plenty of models in the utility stores that could be combines with different kinds of home design.

The important thing is to choose your laundry baskets according to your home design and most importantly according to the space you could provide for them. More often the angular and cubic spaces are compatible with the free spaces at home. So when choosing, choose smart.

Smart laundry storing

Smart laundry storing is when you use not only the space but your brain as well. If it happens that you have got some empty cabinet or a bigger cupboard, use it and install a laundry storing basket in there.

Storing in a cabinet will hide the laundry from plain sight which is great for most of the occasions, when you don’t like the outlook of your laundry storing basket.

So if you can provide such cabinet space for the laundry, do it. Just measure the space in the cabinet before buying, so there will be enough space to open the basket lid and put and pull out the laundry from there.

Laundry bins

It’s common to the laundry storing in a cabinet, but this time you could use empty drawers (if you’ve got some for this occasion). You integrate laundry storing bins in some of the drawers in the bathroom. Since you’ve got the space, there you go the idea! Smaller baskets in drawers in bathroom – the laundry is hidden from plain sight and in the same time easily approachable.

Choose your style if you can afford that to go with the other utilities in the bathroom area or laundry storing space. That’s how you could keep it all neat and tidy before putting it into the laundry machine.

The reason for sorting

Not only sorting out the problem, but also sorting the different type of laundry – that is the mission. You could save great amounts of time when it comes to reasonable and practical laundry storing.

A great way for smart storing is to have a smaller basket for every different type of clothes – white clothes, colored clothes, soft garments, underwear and lingerie.

A good series of smaller baskets allows you to divide these types of clothes into efficiently. The best thing about smaller baskets is also that they would be much easier to carry around. All the way from the laundry space to the laundry machine.

Labeling the baskets will make it easier for you and especially for the ones of the family who do not think the distribution of the different clothes is important.

 The closet

If you are blessed with a big or even smaller closed – that’s the best thing about laundry storing in a home.

This way you could put or “hide” the laundry storing basket in the closet, away from the eyes. In the closet you will probably be able to find space for the basket way easier than any other place in the dwelling.

Just remember to put it in lower parts of the closet, if there are any shelves in there. This way it would be easier to carry away and bring it back.

The empty cranny

If you are not blessed with the existence of a good old closet, then you should think smarter than now. Use your empty wall spaces if you have to.

There are a lot of crannies and nooks in a dwelling and especially in a bathroom or laundry storing area. Easily, you could put some soft textile bags nailed to the walls. There laundry storing would be a lot easier and well-maintained than laying around the floor.

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