Taking advantage of a small kitchen

The Small Kitchen & How To Make the Most of It

The kitchen area is among the most important zones in each home and should be well-cared of. However, it often happens that the kitchen area is too small for our taste and we have to squeeze in many devices and electric appliances and still find it easy to operate there and cook. There are a few tricks and tips that a home-owner can do in order to make the most of a small kitchen.

# 1 Find a good interior designer – this person will have a vision on the entire place and will give you good ideas about the small premise. Ask the designer to keep your lifestyle. In case this is beyond your budget, sit down and draw a plan of the kitchen and how you see it. Remember the rule – sink – plot where you cut the ingredients – oven/hobs and try to follow this order.

# 2 Rearrange the area – do not be shy and do as many changes as needed, until you get a comfortable kitchen. If you can remove a partition wall, or something that you do not need – be bold. If there is a room for a kitchen island – plan one. It could be on wheels, so you can move it where you need it.

# 3 Built smart storage cabinets – you will need plenty of storage cabinets in your kitchen to store all the things – the cups, the plates, the ingredients, the wine, etc. Try to buy ready-made cabinets, but if the market does not offer cabinets that will fit, ask a carpenter to do them for you.

# 4 Get small appliances – now the stores offer high-quality small appliances that you can invest into. Try to get electric appliances that could be combined. Pay attention to the sink as well – the modern ones come with covers where you can cut the various vegetables for your meal. Be careful when choosing a refrigerator – you need that bigger, but you can get it without a freezer. The freezer however – could be placed in another premise – for example, in the laundry room or in the storage room.

# 5 Always keep the kitchen clean – your kitchen should always be spotless. If you have an open-plan kitchenette that is accessed from the living room and the dining area, you should never have dishes from last night waiting for you in the sink. The small kitchens might not be that easy to cook at, but they are easy to be cleaned, so do it regularly and you will have a pleasant home.