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5 reasons why putting in a skylight in your attic is a good idea

There are many things one can do with an attic space, which we’ve showcases in many of the topics in this category. However, one of the things that are almost a must have, is a skylight in your attic, and here are 5 great reasons why you should get one installed immediately.

Skylights are more than just vanity – here’s why

The great thing about a skylight is that it allows you to do a lot of things with a space in the house, which is most commonly known to be either windowless or small sized windows with limited lighting. Depending on the property and the construction, a skylight can be a great addition to your residence, enabling you to enjoy your new space much more than before – here’s how.

  1. More light

The most common reason why people put in a skylight is because they want more light coming into the attic space. It’s exactly these spaces that are most commonly starved from natural light, which not only creates a suffocating atmosphere, but also makes the room look a lot darker than it is.

The human eye likes to explore and wonder, and a skylight is a great geometric diversification of a slanted ceiling which creates a diversion and adds to the aesthetic value to the space. A skylight provides quite a lot more than just light, it also provides the following things.

  1. Lighter atmosphere

Opening a hole in the ceiling, especially if it’s at head height, will create the feeling of freedom and movement, even if the dimensions of the space remain the same. This lighter sensation will leave with a pleasant, free flow of energy in the room, turning a weirdly shaped box into one of your most favorite rooms.

  1. More head room

Putting in a skylight will create more headspace in that particular area, alleviating the sensation of a cramped, low ceiling. It will also provide the necessary visual and geometric diversification of the space, which will provide a sense of spaciousness and will make the room a lot more interesting.

More head room also means that you will feel a more comfortable than before, mostly because human bodies have some sense of special awareness and can detect when the space is small. Small spaces can create a sense of discomfort which will be alleviated with a simple skylight.

  1. Better ventilation

Skylights which can open provide extra ventilation in those extra hot days. Attic spaces are notorious from gaining and losing heat quickly, making them quite unpleasant during the summer. Aside from insulation, this problem can be solved with a skylight which can open easily, allowing some fresh and cool air to come into the space, acting as additional ventilation.

  1. Great view

Even if a skylight is not at eye level, it can still provide a great view of the sky, it’s a skylight after all, meaning it provides not only light, but also visibility to the outside world. This visibility adds to the diversity of the room, providing you with a great view of the stars, clouds or even distant places from your house.

Since the attic is at the height of a house, putting in a skylight can provide you with a vantage point outside of the property.

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