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Skip the TV time for something more useful Part 1

Quality time at home is something that you should provide yourself with as more often as you can.

It is very important for you, for your family and for the bonds that you create between you. Most often watching TV at home is the so called traditional and very common way for people to spend their time with their family and friends. Nevertheless watching TV may become a bad and harmful habit that will impact your everyday life in no good way.

What is it about watching TV that makes it so popular so many years now for the society? It is not an easy question, but it is probably the easiness of this process.

It’s a lot easier to watch some movie, than reading a book.

That’s a fact.

Not that we cannot learn something from television, but in most of the ways we use it as a simply entertaining way to spend a precious time.

Though we often do not understand that our time is way more precious and if we did we probably shouldn’t be spending it in front of the TV set. Or at least that much.

Like everything in life watching television has its price. And it is not that cheap as we think. Here are some of the most important things we lose or simply neglect to notice when spending our time this particular way

Money and electricity

On one side you spend too much electrical power when you have simply turned on the TV without watching it at all. It’s a common habit that most of the people that watch television do too often. This way you spend electricity, which is harmful to nature and in the same time has to be paid form your pocket at the end of the month.

Of course that is not much of a payment, one may say, but still – why you should pay for something that you practically haven’t used?

There is also the situation when one household has two or more TV sets, each in a separate room. Spending additional electricity would definitely “harm the condition” of your electricity bill and probably now Is the time for you to think if there is an actual need for all those TV sets in “on” mode all day long;

The psychological moment that is hold in the whole watching TV process is not a simple one.

Most of the people compare themselves with the things they watch more often. We tend to connect ourselves with the images and characters in the commercials for example. They show us what we want, what we need and who we want to be.

All this can lead to personal guilt which is empowered from the mismatch that occurs when we tend to understand that we are nothing from the TV programs. That may also lead to dangerously lowered self-esteem which you probably know is not very welcomed in our lives;

Less time

Less time for more important things in your life is probably the worst of all problems when watching TV more than the average.

Imagine this – instead of spending time with friends and relatives or doing your hobby you are spending your best moments of the day in front of a screening box. If you watch TV 3-4 hours a day, that means you watch TV more than 20 hours per week. This is your personal given time that may be used for many other things (only if you want it of course).

It’s a constructive time when you could do more work, do some hobbies or read a book and that is basically your own choice.

It’s probably the nowadays “sickness” that can oppose the quality of your life. Watching televisions may lead to spending too much time for unimportant thigs.

Without noticing you are not having quality time with the family, you are not doing enough work and you postpone things that are of a greater importance.

These things build up more and more and when you realize you haven’t done them properly there goes the stress thing!

Stress may lead to other illnesses, so you may not want to do this to yourself, do you?

Communication or we should say poorer communication. When you have entered the world of television you may not realize that you have stopped the normal communication with the rest of the world for few hours.

You can’t have real conversations with friends or the people in the dwelling. Less communication may lead to weak relations between people.

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