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Should you turn your attic into a storage or living space

Our attics are full of potential, depending on the construction and the size of the loft itself it can be used for storage or for it can be turned into an additional room as you can see here on our other suggestions.

The question of the day is, however, how to decide which one has a priority over the other, because one would cost more but would allow for more living space.

What are the benefits of both

Some families, even 4 member families, need more room, either because they have different needs or because their children are growing and they need some personal space.

And this is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing what to do with the attic – using it for storage frees space in the existing rooms that you are using – not only floor but cabinets as well.

Increasing storage space, of course, is only viable if you need it, so carefully take into consideration what your needs are, in fact this entire topic can be boiled town to current and future needs.

Taking into account current situations is easy enough, however, understanding future endeavors and circumstances is nearly impossible so future proofing is a good step to take.

How to predict if you’ll need either

The circumstances under which you will need more storage space in the future is if you are already running low on it in the first place – so if you need it now, chances are you will need it more later on.

In terms of turning your attic into an extra room – that type of room can be decided based on those factors as well – maybe you want it to be a study, or an extra bedroom for guests and family?

Turning attic into room

The comfort of your family is important and having extra people over for holidays and family celebrations in a cramped house can be quite tiresome, though homely.

Hosting people is all about the comfort of the guest and the host so making some extra room in the attic might be the way to go – granted it is a more expensive option.

Turning it into extra storage space

This will make your main living area more spacious and free of clutter, the important thing in both scenarios is having good access to the loft – neither guest nor a large box of fragile goods fare well with steep ladders.

Look at your circumstances, take into account current and future needs and make a decision based on that – also consider that one is more expensive and time consuming to achieve.

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