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Should you glaze your bedroom windows or use curtains

The lighting situation in the bedroom is very important, so much so that people around the world use all sorts of materials, lighting fixtures and windows to change the lights in the room.

Light is our main source of information about the world around us, so it’s understandable when people spend so much money and time of getting the best light source – but why do that when you have the best one of them all – the Sun itself.

Using natural light for a healthier you

Natural light comes in many different angles, changes its intensity during the day and moves from one side of the house to the other.

Unless your bedroom is a corner room with windows facing two different directions, chances are you only get sun in the morning, or afternoon up until nightfall, but why not harvest this most precious of life sources?

Yes, we are talking about increasing the amount of light that comes into the house, maybe think about putting in a skylight, or glazing over your bedroom windows in order to enjoy the light without compromising your privacy.

This is a theme, especially in suburban situations, where most bedrooms are on the second floor – the standard solution of privacy is a curtain, though it blocks a big portion of light.

What are to do if you want the natural light of the sun and still desire to keep your life private? Use glazing foils or electrically glazed windows that allow you block out the view of the inside of the house, without blocking light from entering the house.

Smart solutions for your lighting demands

Natural light, arguably, is the best quality light we have access to, even though LED manufacturers will promise you that you are getting a better light source.

However, no one can beat the life giving properties of sunlight – so why not use it to enhance your bedroom and make it more comforting with a tinge of naturalism.

Sunlight nurtures your body, it gives it the strength and power to stay healthier, it triggers melamine responses in the skin and synthesizes vitamin D for your bones and general mood.

Invite the king of all kings into your home, choose a glazing of the windows rather than a curtain and you will notice a huge difference between the entire feel of your bedroom.

The lack of curtains will free a lot more visual space for your eyes, will make your room a lot spacious yet inviting with the added benefit of direct sunlight shining into your home.

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