reviving the bookcase

Reviving the bookcase in an instant

The “reviving the bookcase” process is probably the must-do for the most influential place in the house. And since like everything in a home it should be taken care of. Arranging the bookshelf could look like a tough one. It could also sounds like an easy one. Probably it is somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless everyone will need some tips to help him/her rearrange the bookshelf the proper way.

Interior design tricks
If your bookcase is bottomless and you could see the wall behind, do not worry! Actually it could be the best way to improve your interior in the same time with the bookcase. Simply paint the back side of the wall which is visible through the bookcase. Use lively colors and the great results will come for themselves. This will create a bit pop-culture wave in the dwelling.

Not only for books
Yep, bookcases are not only for books. But do not be hasty and put away all of them. It is still called “bookcase”! Reviving the bookcase could use a bit of some photographs, some decorations, which could improve the whole idea of the bookcase you have got in your head. It should be personal. It could be a space for small toys and thematically items.

No, not that boxing, the other one! Use boxes to store books even on the shelves. There are plenty of good-manner designs out there. You could put some labels on them and devide books by genre, by name, by length, by year of edition. However you like it and is suitable for you. This will create neatness to the untidy areas of the bookshelf (if there are any).

Use the empty space for other items. You can even put some kitchen utilities like pots, cups or plates to create this kind of effect. It may seem a bit strange in the beginning but after you arrange all of them by your taste, it will receive a lot of sense. You could style-up the bookcase with some additional eye-catching items- toys, antiques, minimalistic decorations. They could be from any kind of material- plastic, porcelain, wood etc.

The classics
No matter how shabby or old-looking are your favorite old books, make space for them in the process of reviving the bookcase. Even though they are a bit neglected and tattered, they are your favs! They deserve their place among the others. As a matter of fact, according to us it is better to leave them in their old shabby look. This will put some extra emphasis on the importance of the books, making them look as much important as they are indeed.

If it happens your bookcase is a bit old, it is absolutely OK. This though might not mean “the cool old”, and then this would be a problem. In this case, consider repainting the bookshelf or at least the shelves. You could try the cool technique of sanding the old layers of old paint. Then it comes for you to decide what would be the new color. Blue, red, green, yellow, no matter what. You could create even your personal and own design look, which could improve the outlook of your living room in a distinctive manner.

Play along with the book placements in reviving the bookcase. Put some of them vertical and on the other hand lay some of the books horizontally. This way you will create a pleasant movement-like feeling. So your bookcase will not look just like some ordinary one and will drive you guests’ eyes to it.