Great looking attic

Remodel Your Attic

The attic is probably the most overlooked area in each home. Used for storage of old boxes and things we no longer need; the cappeds have plenty of potential that we often overlook. Thus, if you plan to remodel your home, consider also the attic to get more usable space. Check the various attic remodeling ideas that we have collected and consider the main challenges that go with the capped remodeling.

Attic Remodeling Ideas

If you are in process of remodeling the house, include the capped area as well. You can transform an attic that has been neglected into more windows or vaulted ceilings as extra to your living room. This will allow more natural light in your home.

In case you need an extra bedroom, this is the right place to use. If the attic comes with suitable ceiling, you can make a room for the children or a guest room. Talk with an architect about the various options and attic models.

Create a play zone for the kids. In this way you can store all their toys in one place and they will have a hideaway room where they can play and enjoy themselves.

Use it as an office or a study room – if you need a quiet place to work, the attic is the perfect place for that. Get a desk, a small bookcase and even a sofa or a bed, if you need some rest.

Attic Remodeling Things to Consider

The remodeling of the capped hides plenty of possibilities, yet it also comes with challenges as well. The main one is associated with the ceiling height and five feet is the minimum height to get a space that is usable. The second thing to consider is whether the floor of the attic can support the weight of furniture. If you have a stable concrete floor, there is nothing to worry about. The third thing to keep in mind is the staircase – the spiral staircases will save you time but are not that easy to use as the ladder staircases.

Get Professional Help

Whatever you decide to use your capped for, do consult with a professional. A contractor can give you some good and useful ideas and can further help you with the plumbing and the wiring. The interior design and the choice of proper furniture is up to you and depends on your own taste and needs.