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Protect your home from mobile phone radiation

There is absolutely no need to emphasize on the fact that we are already mobile people. We simply cannot deal with the world and our everyday life without a mobile phone or a computer or any kind of Internet signal, which connects us with everything and everyone.
The important thing is to ensure not only a cozy home but a safe place and environment as well. A scientific fact is that mobile phones and different types of antennas radiate signals which could be harmful to people when they are being exposed to them more regularly. There are researches that show link between cell phone usage – theoretically, at least – to a range of ailments such as increased headaches, high blood pressure, earlier onset of Alzheimer and, of course, cancer. They say though such research is preliminary. It is also necessary and much more is needed to be certain, effects of radiation are cumulative and affect different people in different ways – and on different time schedules.

But as people say there is no such thing as being too careful. So there are some tips concerning you, protecting your home from phone and different signal radiation.

Limit your time on your mobile. Try to reduce your cell phone talks especially when there is no important reason to spend half an hour on it. Say the important things in the range of few minutes. That will be absolutely enough.

If you can text, instead of calling on the mobile, text! It is way lot better for your health, but remember that you shouldn’t text while driving for instance.

Consider replacing your recent phone with the so-called “low-radiation” one
Whenever you make or receive a call, your phone signal travels via electromagnetic waves, and scientists partially believe that there an affect on your health over a period of time, but the problem is that they do not know how powerful this impact is. So for now, researchers are suggesting you replace your current model with a lower-emission phone.

Use head-speakers or a headset
Some researches happen to determine whether using a speaker or headset, rather than your phone itself, offers better protection. One thing is for sure though: the electromagnetic waves emitted by your phone are absorbed most often received by the temporal lobe of your brain, during normal usage (phone to your ear), and that part of your brain handles hearing, auditory processing, formation of long-term memory, speech, and vision.

Another smart trick is to make “delayed calls”. When calling someone, and dial the number, wait for the actual call to connect. Then you put the phone next to your ear.

Try not to use your phone in “metal boxes”. Literally metal boxes like elevators for example, or in a car cuts the signal strength. Hence your phone is trying to use more power to connect and keep connected as well.

Do not go to sleep with your phone near the bed, especially close to the head. It is absolutely unnecessary. The only reasonable reason which can make you sleep with your mobile in one room is if you really expecting an important call at night or for the alarm in the morning (think about standard alarm-watches).

– Remember- less signal means more power. The lesser you’ve got your reception on the mobile the more power it uses to connect and make a better network.

Universal decisions
Empower your body with healthy nutrition. Good food means good health Think about supplementing your standard diet with anti-oxidants such as catalase and glutathione. You can also supplement with melatonin, Zinc and Ginkgo Biloba.

Being at home there are some things which you can do to protect yourself from bad radiations from mobile phones and antennas and literally shielding your home.

If there is a cell phone tower in close range, and if it is more than half a mile away then you should be able to sleep easily. There are no hard and fast rules on this, it depends on the power output of the cell phone tower in question and the position and nature of the antennas – whether they are directional or not
You can use the so-called “shielding paint”. It’s a type of a water-based paint, which is also free of toxic solvents. It can be used on walls, ceilings and doors as well. It adheres very well to cement, plaster, polystyrene and most of the building materials.
There are plenty of specialists who can give you good advice and even come personally and shield your house against such signals. So there shouldn’t be a place for panic, but each and every one of us should think about this one seriously as well.

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