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Free your fridge from bad odours. The natural ways.

Since there’s food there always can be unwanted odours ghosting around and terrorising your fridge for days. Even if you do have one of them truly high-tech refrigerators which can deal pretty well with odours, you must think of darn good ways of killing the smelly leftovers from yours. Because even if your fridge has a device for dealing with left behind odours of food, they could be harmful to it after some years of usage.

And do not think that if the food is good it won’t smell bad one day. There are lenty of natural ways for dealing with this unpleasant problem and here we’re going to share some of them.

First of all you must clean your fridge regularly and you must clean it very well. If there is food inside, get it out and put it in another fridge if you do have such. You can also take it outside on the balcony if it is cold enough. After that, clean very well the insides of the machine. You can use any special cleansing foams or whatever you have with you. But you could try and clean it with a foam, made of baking soda and water.

After you finish this step of the process, put a container with baking soda in the fridge and leave it there for some hours. Why not up to 24 hours. The baking soda will deal greatly with the bad odours and leave a non-smelly space in the machine. After that you put back the food where it belongs.

Another way of cleansing the air in the fridge is the same as the one with the baking soda, but this time you could use a pan of a freshly ground coffee. The principles here are the same and the effect- really good.

Any kind of piece of wool or cotton cloth, soaked with natural aroma will deal with the bad odour problem in few hours. But in order to keep food fresh and in the same time with good smell you should learn how to adjust your machine’s level of cooling.

And last but not least – please, use plastic bags. Some of them have the ability to almost vacuum the food as it is still in the plate.  Different kind of plastic and metal boxes are also a good decision in your task here.

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