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Natural eggs coloring- the Easter ideas

Probably the best part of every holiday is the celebration with family and friends. And speaking for cool holidays, Easter is one of them. We will put aside the importance of the religious meanings in this celebration and emphasize on the other fun stuff- egg coloring for Easter indeed! We decided so, because some of the most little ones in the family are very interested in the activities accompanying this holiday. Yes, children and their love for coloring eggs at this particular time of the year.

Ways of coloring
Since there are plenty of different coloring ways for eggs for Easter, you could find all you need in a department store or even in a nearby grocery if you like. Ways of coloring the eggs are multiple and concern different types of colors and paint. In this article we will talk a bit for the standard and well-known ways of coloring and those which include natural ways of egg-painting.

Since you are very well familiar with the standard water-based paints for eggs, there are some ways in coloring this item using alternative stuff. We thought about crayons. They are so much easier to be used. They are absolutely available in every book store or a department store. And they come in various colors and hence the combinations could be numerous.

The results with the crayon pencils would probably look like a bit messy, but in the same time they can achieve a bit of „Van-Gogh style” ! There is a good and absolutely cool ways of coloring with crayons.

– Once you have boiled the eggs properly, put them in the oven at 350 degrees. Leave them for a while and once they are heated well, pull them out with the help of thongs. Take all the crayons you possess and touch the hot surface of the eggs with different colors. Touch with each color you want. Different colors and design will appear, we assure you. And actually it will be better for supervising this project and not leaving your kids make it for themselves, considering the hot eggs.

If you like to make your kids crazy happy you could show them a magical trick from your childhood. After you have boiled the eggs well leave them to cool down a bit, so you and your kids could work on them easily. Hen take piece of a wax candle and start writing or drawing on the surface of the egg. You will probably not see what is it you are writing, cause the wax is actually with no color. But if you look closer there will be some traces of it over the egg.

After that you could color up the eggs in every color you would like them to be. After pulling them out of the coloring liquid…well- there the magic goes. Every place that you have touched with the wax candle hasn’t absorbed the paint and hence- the writings could be seen. Kids will dig that, we guarantee!

Surprising games
If you want to make your kids’ Easter even more fun, you could try and use the magic of surprise in order to make them crazy entertained and involved in the celebration. Take few eggs of the many and hollow them through tiny hole. Fill them up with some kind of confetti. That will make all the kids hoping and looking for “THE ONE” egg! And since every kid from the company has chosen his egg, comes the time of smashing their eggs in the heads. Don’t worry, it’s kind of a safe game. And when someone gets the glittering confetti over his head…you could imagine the happiness and laughter.

Comic heroes
Try to make the celebration and coloring a process, very close to your kids. Use crayons or other types of pencils and draw and color some of the eggs like favorite super heroes and animated ones.

One-of-a-kind looks
If you want to put your efforts in a cool design of your Easter eggs this year, do not spend your money on Easter rabbit costume or fabulous glittering paints and stuff. You can crate on-of-a-kind colored eggs in no time and with no efforts. Here we are talking about the marvelous way to make the egg look like it has been made of marvel.

First boil the eggs, after which let them to cool down a bit. Then roll them a little bit around the kitchen table or counter, so that they could crack a bit. Just be careful not to break the egg-shell totally. Since the eggs are cracked properly, add them into dyed coloring water for let’s say few hours (or less- depends on the coloring water). The effect will be pretty amazing and cool.

The naturals
As we already said there are plenty ways of coloring your Easter eggs with different colors. They are simply numerous. But if you want to create some additional activities to your celebration you could ask your kids or why not the whole family to make their own egg-coloring paint from natural ingredients. You will need some natural stuff about that mission and we guarantee it would be quite fun.

Some of the things that you will need are onions, paprika, herbs, leaves. Flowers- basically stuff you could find in your back yard.

How to make your Easter eggs in green-yellow color: First, peel the skin of about five yellow apples Simmer 1-1/2 cups water for 20 minutes and then strain. After that add 2 table spoons of white vinegar. Simmer 4 oz. chopped fennel tops in 1-1/2 cups of water for about 20 minutes and again strain. Add two table spoons of white vinegar. That’s it! Now you have absolutely natural water based color for the Easter eggs.

Take the skin of 5-6 yellow onions and simmer them with two cups of water for about fifteen minutes. Then strain. After that add 3 table spoons of white vinegar. This would do the job properly and leave you with a nice faint orange color for the eggs.

It is one of our favorite! Not to mention that this one is very easy and less time consuming to make. Must take some grape juice- about a cup and then mix it with one tablespoon of vinegar. Voila! Now you have a color, similar to the one of the Lavender.

In order to make a cool green color for your Easter eggs you will need to peel the skin from 5-6 red onions. Then simmer them into two cups of water for about fifteen minutes. Then strain the whole thing. At the end add again three table spoons of white vinegar. There you go with super cool and distinctive green color for the Easter eggs.

Red-orange color
It’s a great color combination and still it is not from the hardest to be made. Take two table spoons of paprika and stir them into a cup of boiling water. Then add two tablespoons of white vinegar. There you go!

Some more crazy ideas
Another thing is when you leave your eggs in the water, where you have boiled previously nettle or walnut shells. It will bring a bit dark colors to the Easter eggs, but this will create interesting contrast in your colorful basket.

A bonus idea: If you like pink you could make this kind of egg-coloring paint with some beet juice. Cut some beet in few chunks and add four to five cups of boiling water to it. Stir it with two table spoons of vinegar and let that cool down for a while on a room temperature. Then remove the beets. Now you have the coloring water for your pink Easter eggs.