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Moving Into New Home – 5 Tips From Pros

Getting settled into a new home could be very stressful not only for you, but also for the other family members as well and even for the pets. The moving process requires planning and that is why we have collected ten very useful tips from professionals on moving into a new home, which will help you go through this process as easy as possible.

# 1 Remember the New Address

Ok, you have a new home and all the old habits should go, including the habit of telling your old address to the cab driver. But that is more to this. You should spread the word about your new address to your friends, to the mailman, and to the authorities that send you credit cards, invitations, utility bills for water, gas, electricity, phone, etc. The same is valid for the magazines and newspapers subscriptions. You should also find time to update your driver’s license, your ID card and your voter registration. Remember that a new address may also infect the fees and taxes that you are charged for your car.

# 2 Careful with the Important Documents

When you are moving to a new home, there are two options ahead of you. The first one – to get many things and documents lost and the second one – to be able to store all your important documents in one place. The papers you should keep an eye on include all your personal documents, the documents for the purchase and mortgage, the documents for the ownership of the house, etc. You should also be careful with the insurance papers.

In addition to storing all the documents, you should also notify your partner and your kids where these documents are, in case they will need them. It will be wise if you store all warranties and receipts for the new appliances you have bought.

# 3 Check the Security when Moving

Before you move, check the security system, to get the peace of mind that you deserve. You should also change the locks before you move in.

# 4 Inspect the Repairs

Check the last minute repairs that the builders are making in your home – the light bulbs, the electrical outlet covers, etc. Just make a final walk through.

# 5 Ask the Builder For New Home Orientation

Get to know your new home before moving there. You should be aware where the key systems are, how the air conditioner filters work, how to switch on and off the electronic devices installed, how to operate the different systems, programmable thermostats, etc.

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