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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Planning a Kid’s Room

If you ask a child how it imagines its dream world you are likely to hear some exceptionally creative and surprising concepts that are not really viable, but at least sound charming.

That goes for your child’s room too.

You can’t really plan the outlook of your toddler’s room relying completely on his desires and imagination. You could, but the result would probably be a bit too erratic.

That means you have to rely on your sense while designing the room, which might prove effective, or lead to some common mistakes.

What Mistakes to Avoid in Your Kids’ Room Design

Fortunately, you could learn from the collective experience and avoid some mistakes that would make your kid’s room not very kid-appropriate.

1. Too Much or too Little Colour

Children love colourful things – they grab their attention and create a playful mood.

However, over-colouring kids’ rooms never ends well. After all they have to be able to feel comfortable and natural in the space that represents their own little world.

Most items for children are offered in bright colours and flashy designs, but the more contemporary manufacturers today rely on clean design and neutral colours.

Choosing all neutrals for a kids’ room is also a bad approach, since it might create a sense of dullness and boredom for your child.

The key to the right colouring is to balance muted tones with a few bright nuances that go well together.

2. Too Focused on Themes

It’s normal for children to get completely obsessed with a certain cartoon character for a period of time – it’s called hyperfixation. These periods can last from a few weeks to a few months or even years.

However, eventually it will pass and you will be left with a room full of Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh or whatever the trend is. A good fix for that is to get removable items with the beloved character like bed sheets, mugs, T-shirts and things you don’t have to see all the time.

3. Bad Storage Planning

Children rooms tend to get messy easily, but there is a way to keep things in order. Good storage solutions makes cleaning a lot easier and less time-consuming.

Imagine how many toys the child will be receiving from family and friends and all the stuff it will need while growing up. Think about smart and creative storage solutions that will make it easier for your child to get what they need and for you to keep order in the room.

4. Lack of Space to Move

Having a storage space for everything and convenient furniture shouldn’t take up all the space in the child’s room and not allow it to move. In terms of energy, kids are basically blasting – they can hardly sit in one place unless they’re very tired.

Make sure your child has moving and playing space in order to feel good and spend its energy somehow.

5. Not Enough Safety

Although this is the last point of this list, it’s of primary importance for your kids’ room. Children cannot foresee the consequences of their actions yet and they want to observe and play with everything they get their hands on.

There shouldn’t be any heavy objects that could be pushed over, sharp edges and objects and toys that are too small and could be swallowed by your curious kid.

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