Minimizing your home building your life

Minimizing your home building your life


Minimalism and its ideas are here, and they are probably here to stay. We know how you keep hearing that word recently. And just as like some of the contemporary things minimalism is a thing to consider when dealing with your home refurbishment or whole furnishing.

First let’s say it’s a term, which is really dangerously to be translated literally without putting it into context.

The term itself apperared in the 1960’s mainly to describe distinctive pieces of art.
But whatever minimalism was, now it is an essencial part of modern (and probably future) life and everyday activities, even in home improvement.


It’s not like minimlism was great in the past and now we are trying to revive something old, that has been out of use in the past decades. No. Actually it is quite a contemporary way to express the needs of reasonable space usage, the idea of practical needs, and the needs of not overfilling your house or a flat with suff you probably won’t need ever.

And since we talk about interiors, lets us say that minimalism in the interior design basically means clean details and plain surfaces. And since some people tend to believe that in minimalism culture shape prevails over purpose, we rather see things differently. We rather think that minimalistic features and specifics should be used for the sole improvement of people’s lives. To be used for keeping daily routines easy. With surfaces ready to be cleaned with a swift of a hand, surfaces made of materials hard to be broken or damaged.


It’s a fact that in minimalistic interiors some of the space is left without nothing to fill it. And this is probably not a bad idea concerning the enormous piles of unnecessary things we gather in our homes for no reason at all. But the most important part of the idea of minimalism is that it provokes rage against the high and uncontrolled will for consumption. Hence it’s rather a tool with which such problems could be resolved.

Importance of deeds

But please get us right. We are not trying to pull something off and make you think of how much importance is there in the remodelling of your place and making it a bit more minimalistic in manner of furnishing. No, not at all. It’s not that important how many sofas you have got at your place, not even how big is the verandah, no. It’s the idea of will that leads to good deeds that is quite important here. The idea that every home needs to be treated just as like we would like this home to treat us. So whenever there are flourishing ideas and actions, things will flourish. Wherever you make the smallest steps into the improvement of your dwelling, results will happen. It’s an important tip when you have decided to do something new about it.