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ZEN bedroom – how to make one for yourself

Do you like the idea about your own ZEN bedroom? Than keep reading.

As we have talked about that before a home is a place for having fun, but also relaxing and solitude. But sometimes we simply cannot have a good rest while being at home.

The reasons for this one might be lots. But mainly it is because we might not have prepared a good atmosphere in the rooms. This needs a good touch and a good Zen bedroom lesson will lead the way and will teach us how to multiply the good vibrations at home.

And since we all believe that the bedroom is the essential, private and most calming rooms in the house, there are some tips to make it a little bit more Zen.

This way it will become very conducive for sleeping and relaxation. It will be a space where your activities will assure quality sleeping and a pleasant, uninterrupted night time and a real Zen bedroom.

And since the world is big enough, there are also plenty of ideas to accomplish that.

Here are some of them:

Clear any surfaces like cupboards and desks

Your bedside space should not be as a dumping ground.

Forget about throwing stuff around especially packages of food, bottles, or things that are unnecessary for your calm time in this room.

Put away all kinds of work items – files, mobiles, highlighters. The only things that are essential – they should be here.

Zen bedroom necessities

They are the things needed for the good sleep and relaxation, such as a good book, a glass of water. You simply do not need much things around you in the bedroom, because the more things bring more distraction. Hence low quality sleeping.

Zen thinking can lead the right way to such necessary sleep in order to have a great and charged day tomorrow.

Think of your bedroom as an island, or a mountain little house… or something that sooths only by thinking of it. Leave any distractions, especially noises. That’s why consider soundproofing (if the neighbors are noisy).

A good and a cheap idea for that is to adjust shelves to the wall and line them with books. The books will absorb some of the noise.

Nevertheless the Eastern wise men say that all noises are the noises of Buddha. So consider that when the clock in the other room sounds distracting or the neighbors’ dog is playing with your nerves, while being in your Zen bedroom.

Put away any kinds of electronic devices

That’s the alarm clock (if you still possess one), TV, mobile phone, computer and many more that can emit electromagnetic “pollution” even when they are turned off.

This can disturb sleep and block the production of melatonin, which is bad for the whole organism. Not to mention the annoyance of blinking or glowing lights emitting from some appliances that disturb sleep. And why not consider that old – time alarm clock that your mom and dad used to have once?

Get in there relaxed

You must a way to go to bed relaxed as much as you are able to and feel the gentle touch of your pillow. That means that you could take a long hot shower or may for a while in the bathtub with some relaxing music, sea salts and pleasant thoughts.

This is a great idea for relaxation, because the warm water improves physical condition and helps you relax but the sea salt penetrates your skin barrier to stimulate the circulatory system and helps tired muscles. A perfect way for a bedtime relaxation.

Zen bedroom sleeping position and meditation

There is a way for a best relaxing type of sleeping. Lying on your side is the greatest for aiding good sleep and digestion. There are also few different ways with a different purpose. Lying on your back for example encourages snoring and pain in the neck.

Lying on the tummy can create troubled breathing and place pressure on your stomach region, preventing easy digestion.

There are ways for meditation as well and you could try it in your ZEN bedroom. For example Chinese medicine says that a 5 – 10 minute massage of the hollow found just behind your earlobe can stimulate your eyelids to close. You should try it, and who knows, it might work.

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