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Tips to Make your Kitchen More Energy-Efficient

This topic comes just on time. The electricity price has been rising every month for the last year. This situation creates the need for more households to start searching for ways how to decrease energy use.

Going to the main point – the kitchen is the place where we spend the most energy. Usually, there are the most energy-consuming appliances – dishwasher, laundry, oven, stove, and fridge. Of course, the most important thing for a more energy-efficient kitchen is the attitude of the members of the household. The energy use depends on the size and the habits of the members.

Follow these easy tips and create an energy-saving culture

Did you know that microwaving food is the most efficient way to cook? Well, not the favorite for many, but using the microwave can save energy that will decrease the bills. Check the other tips and choose the best options for your family.

1. Use energy-efficient lighting

Fancy lighting might be cool, but is it efficient? Well, using LED lights can be both. Usually, the kitchen is the place where we spend the most time, so putting LED light will save energy for sure. Another important thing is to check if the lights are off every time when you are not in the room.

2. Don’t be lazy – handwash the dishes

This frustrating task is hated by many people, but it’s actually a great way to save electricity. It’s not efficient to use the dishwasher any time you have 3 dirty dishes. Anyway, if you want you can invest in an eco-friendly dishwasher that will save up to 20% energy by using less power.

3. How to save energy while using the oven

If you are a cooking lover, this section would be very useful for you. There is no tastier food than the one you prepared with love, but the oven is one of the most energy-consuming appliances. Here are some tips that will help you to handle this case.

  • Use a kettle to bold the water rather than the stove.
  • Cover pots and pans when you cook.
  • Turn off the oven 5 minutes before the meal is cooked.
  • Don’t open the oven door every 10 minutes to check the meal.
  • Cooking in a clean oven needs less energy.

4. Turn off the appliances you don’t use at the moment

You can save energy when you turn off the laundry and dishwasher for example when you don’t use them. Leaving the appliances on standby until the next time you use them is not only unnecessary spending of energy but also reduces the life of the appliances. Make sure you turn off items like TV, air conditioners, laptops, and laundry every time you travel.

5. Use efficiently the fridge

The fridge is the winner for the most energy-consuming appliance in the kitchen. That’s not a surprise, because the fridge is on 24/7. Here are some smart ways to save energy while the fridge is on:

  • Defrost and clean your fridge periodically.
  • Don’t open the door every 10 minutes – there is nothing changed inside.
  • Don’t put hot food.
  • The optimal fridge temperature is 5 degrees Celsius.

Look, making your kitchen more energy-efficient is not that difficult. Try it out and reduce your electric bills.

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