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How to make a more welcoming hallway floor

The hallway at your home is probably the most trodden place in every home. No matter how big or small your house or apartment are, there is always a hallway. Long, narrow, short, compact or over-stored- it is there. It deserves your attention and will to improve, because it is the first thing your guests see when they come to visit. Here we will talk about some brilliant hallway ideas and tips for you to make a welcoming hallway and hallway floor for you and your family.

Welcoming hallway- the beginning
Probably each and every refurbishment or improving idea about the hallway demands a bit more of an investment. And we are talking not so much about money investment. We mean more time-consuming and idea-thinking ideas. But no matter how much time and money you spend on something necessary, the result that you are looking for will be explicit if you put some extra effort and smart thinking on it.

Colors are very important and thematically reflecting your character. They also have influence on the things your guests will feel and think when coming at your place. Colors of the walls, colors of the ceiling, colors of the floor and colors of the furniture that is in the hallway- they all matter. And they matter a lot. You can create the presence of space even by adding the right color in your room pattern.

The floor
It is the basic of the hallway. Not only visually, but actually it is the part of the house where you walk every time you go in or out. That is why this particular part of a home should be not only beautiful, but also highly robust and easy to maintain. Wooden floor is our favorite. No matter if there are simply wooden planks or a high-class parquet, it does not matter. The idea is that the wood material creates a sense of warmness in every home. With wooden floor you will accomplish a rich home environment and luxurious scheme if you combine it with nice wall color. If you could add a deep and polished glow it will become absolutely glamorous. It will also pair with dark-colored (or why not light-colored) furniture or a bench in the hallway.

The “French connection”
Since we talk about wood, let’s mention the cool effect of the so called southern French like wooden planks. You could improve your hallway by distressing the wooden floorboards and then paint them in whatever color you like. This way one color could merge and unite with another and create that vintage-looking space which we all are fond of. This style would be perfect for spacious hallways and will combine perfectly with wooden furniture and fresh greenish colors. It will bring to your home a lot of nature-like atmosphere.

Wooden summer-like effect for a welcoming hallway floor
If your floor is already based on wooden planks it is already a good welcoming hallway. But if you would like to put some Greece-like and summer feeling into it, this one is for you. Distress the planks and paint them in some ranges of blue. The color patterns could combine and go from light blue to more dark. Do not put much of the paint and coat the floor with too many layers. If you go light on the color, the wooden threads will emerge and create a nice-looking natural feeling. There are many lively colors to be used in this occasion, but blue will make the experience of the welcoming hallway more vibrant and happy-like. It is absolutely suitable for small hallways.

The parquet for a welcoming hallway floor
It will bring a lot of Nordic style to the hallway. Ii is wooden floor after all. But here the elements will create a formed pattern which will be even more distinguished and distinct. It will complement light and create more airy space. No matter how classic-looking this floor is, it will also bring contemporary feeling.

Let’s be concrete
Concrete (cement) floors are there to stay if you like to use this material for a more welcoming hallway floor. It is very suitable for a pop-culture-like design of the home. It could create chic atmosphere of more urban and industrial look. Concrete is absolutely super durable to any kinds of conditions and could stay there for good simply forever. Hence it will create a glossy outlook and will combine great with minimalistic furniture and mirrors. Artworks are also suitable with this kind of surface for a welcoming hallway floor.

welcoming hallway floorWalking on bricks for a welcoming hallway
Bricks can do a great job not only for a wall in the kitchen or in the living room. They could be used for a great-looking welcoming hallway flooring. They are absolutely durable and create an industrial outlook, just like the concrete floor, but probably with more character. A brick floor in the hallway (and why not in every other room) will combine greatly with some benches, a more rugged rug. It will be great if you are planning to put some underfloor heating system.

Black fusing with white
Classic colors- black and white! Create a bit of a “Alice-in-wonderland-style” flooring for your hallway. Classic black and white chequered floors will be always modern. No matter the size of the tiles, no matter the size of the hallway it is a distinctive flooring which will look splendid.

Stone floor tiles. It will be so cool, especially if you like to put some more “chilling” look to your welcoming hallway. This is a hardware, which will be easy to maintain. It is durable to all kinds of effects. It is perfect for busy hallways. Combine it with some bench to sit while tying the shoes.

welcoming hallway floorThe textile way
Rugs could be so beautiful and create a great welcoming hallway when one enters the dwelling. Yes, they need more support from you and need to be maintained a lot more than the previous floor materials, but nevertheless it is a great and stylish decision for a welcoming hallway. Get it in different colors, different design. It can combine with any kind of under-flooring material wood, stone, concrete.

These are some basic ideas for you to use, when rethinking the welcoming hallway. Most of them does not need too much money, but expect your attention and smart thinking when projecting them. So since you have already decided to go ahead and bold with this new project, choose the best one for you. And remember- everything, even the hallway should reflect your way of life life.

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