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Make your home smell fresh the DIY way

The fresh home smell makes a happy home, isn’t it? Furniture, devices and other home household contemporary elements are nothing if the air inside the dwelling is not fresh enough and with good odor.

Basically each and every activity and item in our home may be a source of a distinctive smell. Especially food and cooking. Well, most if the food smells really nice when it’s being consumed, but the aftermath of a massive cooking will leave your place rather unpleasant in this occasion and most of us do not like their home to lose its freshness this way.

So in such a situation you may be used to reach for the air freshener that you have bought from the local department store, but before that you should consider some healthier and more efficient way. The air fresheners which are being sold in the stores may contain potentially harmful ingredients which are bad for you, your family and the environment as well.

A great alternative for that is a homemade DIY freshener, which will improve the atmosphere at home and will be absolutely free of bad ingredients.

Here we managed to collect some of the greatest ways to prepare such a thing only by yourself and still reach a higher level of freshness in your dwelling.

  1. Yep, the same coffee that wakes your body and soul in the morning and keeps you fresh during the long day at work. Consider this idea as a wake-up call and try to use it at least one so you will see the benefits of it. Coffee CAN actually battle with the bad odors at home. You can use it in its different forms – baked, grinded, brew it or whatever you like it. It will absorb the bad smells in the dwelling especially if you have cooked something with enormous quantities of onion or garlic.

Scatter small bowls filled with coffee beans or grinded coffee around the room and see the magic happen. It will affect the whole space in a pleasant way. If the garbage bin is giving you hell with its bad smell you could put some coffee beans in the bottom and also see the effect of this in a very short period.

  1. Make a fresh herbal bouquet and it will battle the bad odors as well

    Planting some of the basic herbs at home is also a great way to improve the atmosphere in the room and put an accent on that. This way you will leave a herbal scent everywhere. A good example for this way of smell-improvement the home is using peppermint, rosemary, lavender and many others. You can put them in a vase and group them around the living room, kitchen and why not the bedroom?

  1. This one will kill most of the bacteria that may be around in our home. It also disinfects the air in a natural way. How to use it? Simply fill small spray bottle combined with 4 parts of water and spray around in the air. Another way is to simply put out an open bowl filled with vinegar. This one works perfectly especially for the kitchen where if often happens that you have to deal with the cooking odors.
  1. Soy candles.

    The best ones of them are those with additional scents from essential oils. These candles can be found in almost every specialized store, but they might be a little too expensive. Nevertheless there are plenty of ways to make them by yourself.

  1. Simmering what? This air refreshing idea is a great one, especially if you have to deal with the home smell of cooked fish or onions. You can put some orange or other spicy citrus fruit peels in a bowl and simmer them for a while. The essential oils will simply flow around in the air and deal with the bad odors in the kitchen.
  1. Essential oils

    You can make your own essential oils which can deodorize and disinfect the air in the room. There are plenty of ways in the web for that.

  1. Natural gel air freshener. Gel air fresheners are not that bad after all. If you love them and the effect they can create in a room space you may try to learn how to do it for yourself and not buy the ones in the stores.
  1. What is more natural than true planted flowers in your home? Probably nothing of course. They will bring not only green to your place but some of them may leave great smell for the dwelling. You will easily purify the air and get rid of all the indoor allergens and polluting particles.
  1. Baking soda and lemon for a good home smell

    No, you are not going to cook nothing. At least not yet. The combination of baking soda and lemon can deal with the unpleasant odors at home and clean up the unnecessary bacteria in the air. A recipe may be found in lots of websites of course.

These are simply one of the best ideas for putting some nice fragrance around your home. And as it happened to be clear it is all for the best green purpose and in the same time for creating the best cool-smelling place right there in your home.

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