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How to make a home bar like a gent

Having a home bar is probably a great decision for the ones who haven’t got much to do after work. A bar is a sacred and sometimes bonding place, which is not supposed to be connected only with lack of good manners and drunken men rolling on the ground. It could be a sophisticated place where gents are talking to ladies and quality drinks are being served.

So let’s say that you would spare some money and space for a home bar. These are the things that you will probably need to make a good impression to your guests.

Starting with the good ol’ shaker, of course. You’ll probably need at least two, but when you choosing, think of the Boston type for the home bar. The shaker tin is an essential for a home bar. Use it for shake cocktails, because it is actually no other utensil that could replace its tasks.

Jigger for the home bar

It measures the ingredients for the mixed drinks. After all the correct measures make the cocktail great.


Is the next hardcore think that you will probably need for a bar at home. You can use it to smash some kinds of fruit, sugar cubes, mint leaves …well almost everything that needs to be smashed. You’ll be like the Hulk behind the bar.


Fresh juices are a must when we are dealing with the idea of a home bar. There is always e need of fruit, when we need to prepare a good cocktail. So if you would like to invest in a juicer, it’s not a bad idea.

Mixing glass for your home bar

Not that you cannot use a simple high glass for mixing cocktail substances, but a professional one will do make a great impression. It can give a better base of stirring and will hold more liquid than the standard one. This means you could prepare more cocktail with one “stroke”.

Stirring bar spoon

It is a must as well for the home bar. With the help of this one, you could stir cocktails and stuff easier than ever. Plus it looks quite well.

Julep Strainer – you will probably need it for whiskey, whiskey cocktail actually and any other types of mixed drinks. Make a great impression with sophisticated mixed whiskey drinks at home. Have fun while making it and drink responsibly of course!

Ice, ice, baby

Yep, do not forget about ice. You will need probably different sizes and also a chopped ice for some of the cocktails. That’s why you should provide your home bar with few different forms for ice. Remember – the bigger the ice cube, the slower the ice melts. That’s why bigger ice cubes keep your whiskey cold, without ruining its good taste.


Bar is a place where every different drink deserves its proper glass or cup. So you should definitely invest in decent glassware for the variety of drinks. Whiskey needs whiskey glasses, cocktails need their own. Some of the basic types are old fashined glasses, coupes and highball glasses.

The first type are great for serving drinks over ice. Coupes are very nice for everything stirred and shaken with ice and poured into chilled glass with no ice in it. And the highball is appropriate for cocktails served with soda.

The natural taste ’n’ look improver

Bitters and garnishes are very important part of the bar. Even if your bar is build up at your place, you should know that a good outlook of the served drinks can make impression and that’s quite important. Most classic cocktails go well with bitters. And since there are lots of varieties of cocktails, there are plenty of different bitters.

The garnishes you are using for a cocktail are the proper and necessary thing to have behind the bar. As a home bar tender you should know that cut orange, lemon and lime peels garnish a drink so well, that you won’t be sure what you like most – the drink or the look of it.

The soundtrack

Adding the suitable music to your home bar is the last but one of the important things to do. Think of styles that goes with the taste of your guests. But no matter that, go on and create a personal touch with your own chosen playlist.

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