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How to make a great homemade bug repellent

Those little but nasty invaders of your home are basically a big trouble for the household when they appear. And when they appear they basically bring the whole tribe with them. It is definitely unpleasant having this problem and when the needs are extreme the means to deal with them are extreme as well. That is where good bug repellent will help you.

But if you are fed up with chemical solutions which might harm your health in one way or another you might consider for any additional ways which can help you with that hard task. Designing your own homemade repellents for different kinds of bugs at home is the perfect ways to be sure that you will get rid of them soon enough and in the same time feel safe for your and your family’s health.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks in making your own DIY bug repellent against the unwanted bugs at home:

  • They seem very small and absolutely harmless as they are. But in other ways they are also a great problem when invading your kitchen. They may be quite annoying when walking on the kitchen tops and floor looking for food. You only need few crumbs of any kind of food on the ground and they are coming. Food is basically the main reason ants invade our homes. In order to stop them in time or just to be prepared there is a great solution for that.

Simply combine water, white vinegar and essential oil fir a DIY bug repellent. Put them into s a spray bottle and mist the surface around doors, baseboards and similar places which can become a door to the ant invasion.

  • Yep these are the bugs that creep the hell out of many people. If you feel trembling in the knees and shivers up and down the spine when seeing cockroaches you might need the help of a professional advice right now. This homemade repellent for these bugs is made of two tablespoons of tea tree oil mixed with water. Spray the necessary places and you will probably see the effect right away.
  • It is not your friendly neighborhood spider man you know. Many of us have the incomparable fright from spiders, especially at home. In order to keep them away from you and your home you will need a bug repellent spray bottle again. In it mix tablespoon of peppermint essential oil and one cup of water. Mist the areas where spiders make their webs, cover different entrances of the house. Don’t forget the windows. This way your personal space at home is safe and sound.
  • Fruit flies

    They are pesky little fellows, aren’t they? And the scariest thing is that they simply come from nothing, as popping strangely and magically from the air! And they also seem to find the fruit that you like the most. That does not mean that you have to leave behind that part of the food you like so much.

  • Instead of that you could make a trap for the little bugs of water and red wine. Put this mixture in a cup and create a funnel from a coffee filter and place it over the cup. In few days you will manage to see that the fruit flies will be trapped in the cup without having a way out to save themselves.
  • They are not only incredibly insolent and nerve-breaking but also can bite. This is probably the worst combination (not only for bugs). Imagine you are having a glass of wine in front of the camp fire and those little fellows smell your blood from a distance. There is no escape from them. The same is the situation when you are trying to go to sleep and one of them has decided that it doesn’t feel sleepy like you. It will break your nerves for sure.

To keep these things out of the room you can place lavender, catnip or plant some basil in a pot near the entrances of your home. That will surely keep them away and will turn out to be a great bug repellent.

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